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Reported By:SSMSA and the Sault CVB
Trail Report:
Date of Report: 12/18/2014
Trail Conditions: Poor
Snow Cover: 1″
Area Report: Dec 17 – The temps did drop to below freezing last night and we got 2-3 inches of fresh snow but all ditches and streams are running full due to the rain yesterday. No snow in the forecast until middle of next week. Grooming prospects do not look good for this weekend.

Dec 16-Rain and warm temps the last 5 days have our 50+ inches of snow in November just about gone. Temps are to drop tonight and maybe 1-4 inches of snow but that is all that is called for in the near future. So it don’t look good for grooming.

Trails are open and you can now ride your sleds legally. We no longer have good snow in most areas.

We need cold weather now to freeze them up.

Soo to Kinross is not frozen yet as well as Kinross to Raco. If you go for a ride I would recommend avoiding those areas that are always wet until we have cold weather because you will get soaking wet. There is no use us wasting fuel and breaking equipment until colder temps are called for.
Snowmobiling Information: Keep up on sledding the Sault http://www.sootrails.org/trail-maps.html
News & Events: Check out Light up the Soo December 19-31, 2014 http://www.saultstemarie.com/events/5/601/

Visit the Tower of History this holiday season and experience the lights of Sault Ste. Marie from 210 feet in the air. Businesses, homes, and area attractions will be decked out in festive lights for your viewing pleasure. Celebrate this wonderful time of year by creating a new family tradition with a trip to the top of the Tower.

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