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Trail Report For: Bergland – 12/05/2014

Trail Report: Bergland

Reported By: AJ’s Walleye Lodge

Date of Report: 12/05/2014

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: Moderate

Area Report: We have groomers, with drags, out on trail 1 north, 8 west and 8 east. Watch for “wet area” signs on trail 8 west. All other trails we’re running groomers on but just to pack the snow down, trying to set the freeze down into the ground. With the incredible amounts of snow we received in November it served to insulate the wet ground underneath. As a result we’re now dealing with some very wet conditions on, at least, portions of most of our trails. It is very important to stay on the trails, however, because you will be getting into even worse conditions off the trail. Lots of water everywhere. Our nights have been very cold so wherever the groomers have run it should be freezing on the trails. The forecast is calling for more snow next week, but we often get unexpected lake effect snow…so you never know.  We’ll keep you updated as we progress through the next few days.

Jim & MB


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