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Trail Report For: Bergland – 12/26/2014

Trail Report: Bergland

Reported By: AJ’s Walleye Lodge

Date of Report: 12/26/2014

Trail Conditions: Poor

Snow Cover: Accumulating

Area Report: December 26, 2014

It’s going to be a busy weekend up here in the UP as we are one of the only places with snow.    Conditions are going to improve daily – we just have to work with what we have and use good judgment on the trails.



  • We have received an additional 6- 8 inches or more of wet snow over this last week, however, warmer temps have not helped firm up the wet spots so you need to use caution.


  • Temperatures begin to drop after Friday with lows in the teens and single digits and dropping below zero beginning Monday. Snow is in the forecast every day for the next week and we will have to see what accumulates.



Trail Reports:

  • Jim and Anthony went and cleared the trail that takes our guests that from the Lodge to the main trail. The trail has not yet been groomed, but it is passable with a few wet and/or washed out spots.

  • Groomers have been out on some trails, however, a large part of that have been to fill in water holes. Trails in the Lake Gogebic area remain in fair to poor condition and we are hoping that the cold temperatures help to tighten up the wet areas.

  • 1 north is probably in the best condition. Trail 8 east has taken a bit of a beating, but turns nice once you get to Ewen.

  • Trail 13 north is in fair condition with some bad spots to watch out for. Trail 13 south is in fair condition until you get to the south end of it where there are a couple of really big wet holes.

  • Trail 8 west is in fair to poor condition with a couple of very wet spots. Do not get off the trail here as conditions are much worse off trail…even if it looks like nice snow there will be a lot of water underneath.

  • Trail 1 south is rideable but not in great shape due to water. Watch for a change on trail 1 South from Rd. 8800 to Marenisco, as there has been some re-routing due to water.

  • Trail 2 into Marenesco is in good shape and riders have reported a very nice ride into Watersmeet.

  • There are sledders on the Lake, but please be aware that there is open water where the rivers come into the lake. Don’t ride the shoreline.

We are doing our best to keep everyone updated so that riders can have a fun and safe experience while our trails firm up and get more snow!

Feel free to send us an email or post to our Facebook page and let us know how things are going, what to watch out for and most of all – what is good!


Be safe, have fun and Happy New Year

Jim & Mary Beth            906-575-3557


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