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Trail Report For: Sayner – 12/19/2014

Reported By: George – Sayner Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 12/19/2014

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 0″ to 5″ ON THE TRAIL

Area Report: Per Denny –

The warm weather last weekend, really hurt the trails. It left them with some sections OK, but other sections pretty much mud. We received about 5 inches this past Tuesday, however it did not have the best moisture. It did help, but will not last long if there is much traffic.

With early season conditions – please ride with caution. Expect the unexpected. If you hit sections that are good – don’t assume they will all be like that. You could come across, without warning, a chuck hole and/or ruts that are not yet filled.

We have logging in operations happening between the following intersection numbers; 205 & 353 on trail 6/10/11 and on 11/51 between 344 & 352. The Cross Country Cruisers also have logging going on out in that neck of the woods as well. Logging could start and/or stop at anytime without the club being notified, so please be ready to encounter logging equipment at anytime. The loggers are also plowing all the snow off the trail, where their trucks run on them. Trail Boss Denny is going to talk to the county to see of we can come to a compromise with the loggers on that situation.

Most of the lakes had standing water on them, as of last Monday night (12/15/14). As always – DO NOT CROSS ANY LAKE THAT IS NOT MARKED!!! Even if they are marked – use extreme caution and STAY NEAR THE MARKERS!!! Star Lake has been marked but Plum is not yet. Our advice – stay off Plum.

Bottom line is we need more snow. The great news is that we are supposed to get significant snow fall next week right before Christmas. So do your snow dances and pray that the forecasters are right!!!

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