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Trail Report For: Lake Gogebic – 01/29/2015

Trail Report: Lake Gogebic

Reported By: AJ’s Walleye Lodge

Date of Report: 01/29/2015

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: Need Snow!

Area Report: Trail Conditions: Fair
The past couple of weekends have been really busy and some thawing on the trails have been giving the groomers a real workout.
Forecast is calling for colder temperatures with a 60% chance of about an inch of snow tonight as well as the chance for additional snow throughout the weekend. Lets hope that forecast comes to fruition…and then some!
All 3 groomers are running 24/7 and groomers have reported that trails are in fair to good condition. Heavier trafficed trails will obviously be bumpier. We were out last night on 13 S and it was groomed in the morning and it was in good to very good shape at 6 p.m. Our guests are reporting that they have had good riding – down into Watersmeet, up to Sidnaw and that even 13 north was decent.
• Trail 8 East is challenging in some spots
• Trail 13 south is good to excellent with some icy corners.
Trails 3 north is good to excellent but expect icy corners.
• Trail 2 east of Watersmeet is good to excellent.
Trail 2 west of Watersmeet is good to excellent with some icy corners in the woods.

There is a reroute over the area where trails 1, 102 and 8 West intersect. Work on the highline earlier this weel so we are in the midst of rerouting with the help from the DNR. Watch for changes and new signing in this area’. Click on the link below to view a map of the re-route: http://www.walleyelodge.com/snowmobile-re-route/
We will update as our guests report back to us and you can always leave us feedback and/or send us photos at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walleye-Lodge-Bait-Tackle/402342989804153
Have a great Superbowl weekend and enjoy your time in the Lake Gogebic area!

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