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Trail Report For: Eagle River – 02/24/2015

Trail Report: Eagle River

Reported By: hollyt

Date of Report: 02/24/2015

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Snow Cover: Really hard base with loose snow – new light snow on top

Area Report:

Trails Are VERY GOOD
Snowmobile Trails in Sno-Eagles Country & all of Vilas County will remain open until Midnight, March 31.  Snow & trail conditions permitting.
Lots of riding ahead.

Grooming resumed last night & land trails are in Very Good Riding Condition.  For the first time in a long time it is double digit above zero this morning.  15 degrees!  And about 1/2 inch new SNOW with another 1 inch possible today!  It is mid week & traffic is lower. This will be a great day to ride!

Problem areas are at a minimum with the exception of the slipperiness.  Riding conditions are icy under the new snow. There are corners that are blown out & really icy.  Your sled could slide around especially in the back end as you ride even on the straight aways.  So please slow down so your sled does not skate out to the wrong side of the trail.  Everywhere but especially in the corners. Sno-Eagles Trails are snow covered with some snirt at the crossings.

As you ride remember that a Stop Sign on the trail means Stop.  Also you will see Driveway Ahead Signs & Yield Signs.  Please slow down & look left & right before you cross the driveways.  Last when a trail runs parallel to a road the speed limit on that trail is the same is the road.  So as you ride through Eagle River on Trail 13 in town if the road speed limit is 25 you need to go 25 on the trail too. As the speed picks up on the road you can also speed up.  Also remember that night time speed limit is 55. Dusk to Dawn.

Temperatures for the next few days:

  • Tuesday High 21 Low 14 below
  • Wednesday High 5 Low 18 below
  • Thursday High 6 Low 18 below

Temps will be up & down.  Day time riding warmer.  If you like to ride at night here are a few tips for cold temps riding:

  • Layer clothes
  • Do not ride alone
  • Let someone know where you are riding
  • Fill up the gas tank every time to pass a station
  • Stop more often & drink warm drinks
  • Have a cell phone with you
  • Watch for the Brown Signs with the 3 digits. If you have an problem call 911 & give the number.  EMT’s can pin point your location by using the 3 digits.
  • Have a Map & Compass with you


Logging that began February 4 on Trail 10W/13N is still under way.  The section starts where trail is on Croker Rd to where the trail turns right on the way to the Wisconsin River Bridge on the west side.  Coming from the east it is after you cross the Wisconsin River Bridge. It will be marked but there will be logging equipment in there. The logging crew has done extra marking as it is winding on that trail section.  Slow down.  There are other logging jobs in the County so watch for signing.

Eagle Lake Trail & Catfish Lake Loop are marked & OPEN.  Stay by the barrels.  There are some bumps out there from the traffic so be careful. We do not groom the lake trails as the equipment is too heavy. Remember not all lakes are trails.


See ya on the trails!
Holly Tomlanovich
Sno-Eagles, Inc
Recorded Trail Update 715.479.5185

News & Events: Wednesday & Thursday Sno-Eagles Rides

  • 9am
  • Trail 13 near the Railroad Depot & across from Friendship House
  • All are welcome – great way to learn the trail system

Saturday, February 28, 2015 – Take Pride & Ride Winner Drawing

  • 12 noon
  • TrackSide
  • 1st prize 600cc SkiDoo
  • 2nd & 3rd prizes – mini vacations at Wild Eagle Lodge & Eagle Water Resort
  • $2 each or 3/$5  – Still available!
  • Call TrackSide at 715.479.2200
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