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Trail Report For: Lake Gogebic – 02/09/2015

Trail Report: Lake Gogebic

Reported By: AJ’s Walleye Lodge

Date of Report: 02/09/2015

Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: Need more snow

Area Report: Need more snow! Need more snow! That is the phrase of the week! Weatherman has predicted snow throughout this entire week, and we hope that he is right this time! The trails held up well after a busy weekend, and they continue to be in decent shape. The cold temps are helping, but more snow would really help. Temps are forcasted to be in the 20’s till mid week, then dropping to single digits! 3 day weekend coming up, and it’s going to be another busy one. If you’re going to be up here for the holiday weekend, we recommend that you get out and get your riding in early. All 3 groomers are out on trails every day, and doing the best they can with the amount of snow we’ve received. We’ve received some emails that all 4 of our groomers have been down and people are confusing Gogebic Area Grooming with the Gogebic Range Authority that takes care of the trails to the west of Lake Gogebic. They have had some problems with their groomers and people are reading the reports and thinking that they are ours.

Couple of notes:
Trail 13 north: there’s about 800’ of trail that is being shared with a logging company. The conditions will probably be a bit bare of snow so just stay to the side and watch out for trucks.

Reroute: where trails 1, 102 and 8 west meet, north of Merriweather and west for about 5 miles. The snowmobile detour on trail 8 adds a lot of miles coming to Bergland from the west, unless you take the Lake. A map of the re-route may be found at:


It’s going to be a busy weekend, so get up here and get an early start. DNR has been very visible in the area and around local establishment, so don’t ride the tracks or roads, use good judgment, and make safety a priority for everyone in your group.

Give us a call, send us an email, or post your comments and photos on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walleye-Lodge-Bait-Tackle/402342989804153?ref=hl . We’d love to hear about your ride and enjoy the photos that you share with us!

Jim & Mary Beth

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