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Trail Report For: Bergland – 03/12/2015

Trail Report: Bergland

Reported By: AJ’s Walleye Lodge

Date of Report: 03/12/2015

Trail Conditions: Poor

Snow Cover: Minimal

Area Report: Warmer than normal conditions for this time of year to continue for another week before they’re expected to drop back into the 30’s for highs. Grooming has for the most part been suspended; however our trails in the U.P. do remain open until the end of March. Trailering out to trails that head into the woods is recommended as you will find bare areas wherever trails cross roadways or in towns.

Temperatures reaching into the mid 50’s today, trails are pretty much gone in and around towns and wherever salt used on roadways can affect trails. We still have some snowmobilers up who say the trails back in the woods are still fairly good. Small streams have opened up, so use caution anywhere near these areas. Temps are expected to run in the 40’s to 50’s for highs for the next week and then drop back into the 20’s for highs. Like I’ve said before, I doubt we’re done with winter for March just yet. If you come to ride now expect some wet conditions, some bare conditions, but also some fairly good trails back in the cover of the woods plus some warmer than normal temps.   A March snowstorm would be nice – let’s see if it happens.

Thank you to all who came up to see us this year!   It was a great season…

Jim  & MB


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