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Trail Report For: Eagle River – 03/01/2015

Trail Report: Eagle River

Reported By: hollyt

Date of Report: 03/01/2015

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Snow Cover: Hard very icy base – Loose snow in most areas

Area Report:

Trails Are VERY GOOD
Snowmobile Trails in Sno-Eagles Country & all of Vilas County will remain open until Midnight, March 31.  Snow & trail conditions permitting.
Lots of riding ahead.

Trails were groomed last night.  Very, very heavy traffic yesterday all day into the evening.  The drivers had there work cut out for them.  Many areas needed double & triple grooming.  One area being Trail 13N/10W as you head out of Eagle River.  We followed a groomer & there still were bumps.  Good they are doubling over.  Through town there is plenty of snow.  It too was groomed by all groomers last night early on & the traffic was heavy over it.  To get to the Groomer Barn all go over that area again.  This would have been early AM this morning when the traffic should have been down & temperatures were down.  Found heavy traffic on Trail 10E both ways.  On the way home heading east it had not yet been groomed & it was in pretty good shape.  After grooming I would say EXCELLENT is the shape it is in now.  Snirt at the road, highway crossings.  Not a lot of burn through from the sun out.  In the areas we rode I only saw a few.

The trails are icy underneath so please slow down.  This means on straight aways, corners & hills.  Some corners are blown out & there are some with bare ice.  Be careful.

  • Sunday High 25 Low 1
  • Monday High 25 Low 12
  • Tuesday High 25 Low 2 below – 80% snow


Logging on Trail 10W/13N. The section starts where trail is on Croker Rd to where the trail turns right on the way to the Wisconsin River Bridge on the west side.  Coming from the east it is after you cross the Wisconsin River Bridge. It will be marked but there will be logging equipment in there. Rode through there yesterday & it is indeed marked well.  Please slow down as you ride through there.  There I logging in a few other areas as well.  Saw signing for logging in the Conover trails.

Eagle Lake Trail & Catfish Lake Loop are marked & OPEN.  Stay by the barrels.  There are some bumps out there from the traffic so be careful. Not all lakes are trails.

Take Pride & Ride Raffle has winners.  Go to Sno-Eagles.org & click on the New tab to check out who won.  It should be posted sometime today.


See ya on the trails!
Holly Tomlanovich
Sno-Eagles, Inc
Recorded Trail Update 715.479.5185

News & Events: ***Sno-Eagles will have Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Ride this upcoming week

  • 9am
  • Trail 13 near the Old Railroad Depot & Friendship House
  • All are welcome.  Do not need to be a Sno-Eagle member to ride.


Check out Sno-Eagles.org for the names of the winners of the Take Pride & Ride

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