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Trail Report For: Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor – 03/03/2015

Trail Report: Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor

Reported By: Tammi the Trail Goddess at Dan’s Recreation

Date of Report: 03/03/2015

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 30″ and more!

Area Report: Oh, weather gods, why couldn’t you give us at least 2 days in a row of sunshine! It doesn’t have to be warm, just some much needed sun! How many days of gray and white skies can one person take!! So, you have probably guessed, it’s snowing again. Suppose to get about 5″ today and a few more overnight. We did need some new snow on top of the trails, but by this time of year it’s hard to get excited about snow anymore. The trails are all being groomed from the tip of Copper Harbor, south to Twin Lakes. All the trails are open except trail #122 from Lake Linden to Gay, because of logging. Snowmobiling at this time of year is some of the best snowmobiling of the season. Great trails and great temps with sunshine (most of the time!). Plus, for some reason, people think that you can’t ride anymore and that our snow is gone. Just because you can mow your lawn in Chicago or Minneapolis, does not mean we can. I don’t usually mow my lawn until June! It takes that long for the last snowbank to melt and the lawn to dry up enough. Locals ride into April all the time. So get those sleds loaded (or rent one from me) and get up to the Keweenaw/Houghton/Hancock area and do some fantastic riding.

Remember to respect others and private property when out riding, stay off the canal and the lakes-they are not safe, save the drinking for after you are done riding and keep the speed to a minimum- take your time and don’t miss all that we have to see!

See you on the trails!

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