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Trail Report For: Watersmeet – 03/06/2015

Trail Report: Watersmeet

Reported By: Carole Yakel of The Arrows for the Watersmeet Chamber of Commerce

Date of Report: 03/06/2015

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Snow Cover: 23″

Area Report: Hi Everyone ~
Our groomers have continued to groom daily or nightly here. The groomers are reporting:
Trail 2 east of Watersmeet is good to excellent; Trail 2 west of Watersmeet is good to excellent; Trail 13 south is good to excellent; Trail 3 north is in excellent condition; and Trail 3 south has lots of traffic and is listed in good condition.
We have had some new snow this week with several nights of subzero temperatures which is great for the trails. The bad news is that starting tomorrow, predictions are for daily temps to start getting to above freezing…possibly low 30s to low to mid 40s for a week or more during the day. Nighttime temperatures are going to be mainly from 9 to 22 degrees. If all goes well, our U. P. Thunder Riders will still be able to keep grooming nightly. Late and early sledding probably will be the best. Temperatures can change really quickly here, and since it’s way too early to have our snowmobile season end, we are hoping that the Mother Nature will continue to bless us with colder temps. Time will tell, and we’ll let you know what happens as things change here.
There are plenty of openings in the Watersmeet area. If you are having trouble finding accommodations, just call Caryl DeBroder at our chamber number, 906-358-9961. She can give you referrals for the kind of accommodations you’re looking for and will also give you a live update on the trail conditions. Caryl has the phone in her home, so she is available most of the time! :o)
Thanks so much for checking our report. We hope you’ll come up soon to enjoy the beautiful Watersmeet area. It’s great any time of the year! We invite you to visit our website at www.watersmeet.org for more information on the area, too. See you soon!

Carole Yakel

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