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Trail Report For: Crivitz – 12/30/2015

Trail Report: Crivitz

Reported By: Iron Snow Shoe – Bonnie Delaruelle

Date of Report: 12/30/2015

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 4 to 10 inches

The groomers have all been out all day yesterday. There were a lot of trees to clean up. Also, IMPORTANT…lakes and waterways are NOT safe. Wait until they are marked before you attempt to cross these areas.
The Iron Snow Shoe covers such a large area that the amount of snow varies greatly. We have anywhere from four to ten inches. Therefore, trail conditions also vary. Groomers report that some areas are good and some are not good at all. Due to all the rain in December and lack of cold temperatures, the wet areas could be a problem. The Club will be out checking them today to see if there is anything we can do regarding this. Will try to update tonight.
REMEMBER: This is early season riding. It takes several groomings, more snow and snowmobiles out there packing to help fill in rut and holes to make a great trail.

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