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Trail Report For: Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor – 01/14/2016

Trail Report: Keweenaw Peninsula / Houghton-Hancock, South Range, Copper Harbor

Reported By: Tammi the Trail Goddess at Dan’s Recreation

Date of Report: 01/14/2016

Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 18″ – 22″

Area Report: Happy New Year to everyone! This has been one strange winter, very glad to finally have some good snow. All the trails from Twin Lakes to Copper Harbor are open and being groomed. Some do have lower snow than others, due to the way the lake effect snow falls, so some common sense will need to be used while out riding. Snow is in the forecast every day for the next week for sure, even if its only a couple of inches every day, that keeps the trails fresh. We are suppose to get 6-8 inches today into tomorrow. The temps are in the mid teens today but getting colder over the weekend. Trails are in decent shape for sure. Depending where you are riding off trail, there is plenty of snow for that too. Some areas there are still stumps, etc so if you decide you are going to brave off trail, be aware. Sledders are rolling into town today, many more going by my shop today than yesterday, and the weekend looks to be a busy one.
The mat is not down under the bridge, but it is totally safe and easy to cross under the bridge. DO NOT CROSS THE WATER!! IT IS NOT SAFE!!
Yes, some idiot crossed it a week ago already, the day after kayaks were in the canal! It has not been cold enough, long enough and we don’t need someone going down. In addition to the danger, its expensive to get a diver to go down and get your sled.

When riding on Trail 3 along the Houghton waterfront and through the park area, please stay on the trail and respect the private property of the park area. I know it looks fun to jump off the trail and plow around the open park area, but if riders keep doing that, the trail will be cut off. Use your head people!

I know the winter got off to a slow start here ( and everywhere) but we are now in the middle of the snow and riding is getting better every day. So make your plans to head up north today. The winter doesn’t hold a lot of weekends, so take advantage of them. And if you can come up during the week, that is an ideal time. Less riders, smoother trails!

When riding, please respect other riders, respect private property, slow down, its not a race, save your drinking for when you are done riding for the day, and enjoy the beauty that is the Keweenaw Peninsula!

See you on the trails!!

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