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Trail Report For: Sayner – 01/03/2016

Reported By: Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 01/03/2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 1 to 2″ avg – remaining ON THE TRAIL.

Area Report: –
Most important part – please continue to STAY OFF THE LAKES! I don’t care if you see tracks and you might. This is the problem when an alcohol induced idiot hits a lake and runs it wide open – hopefully they make it. But now they have left tracks for someone unsuspecting to follow. So even if you see tracks it doesn’t mean that lake is safe. Many a sled has gone through the ice – following someone else’s tracks that made it. DO NOT cross unless you see a clearly marked crossing – marked with the normal lake markers.

The bottom line currently is that we need snow badly. There is some snow falling currently but it is only expected to amount to about an inch all day. The trails are rough. There was never enough snow to make them smooth from the start. We had sections of trail with ruts from 4X4 trucks (mainly trail 51 in the areas of TINs 361 to 352). There are also chuck holes in the trails here and there that there was never enough snow to fill completely. They may have been partially filled in the beginning but traffic has pounded them back out again.

I just cannot stress it enough to PLEASE stay off the lakes. No matter how many tracks you see – DO NOT TRY TO CROSS unless that lake is CLEARLY marked. You CAN get around every single one of our lakes on a land trail. GO AROUND – DON’T DROWN!!!

Please take it easy out there. For once – ride slow. You never know when you are going to come up on a hole that the groomers have not been able to fill yet.

Slow down and ride another day!!!

News & Events: –
Please go to http://saynerbarnstormers.com/calendar/ (copy & paste to browser) to see the Barnstormer’s list of events & fundraisers coming up in 2016!!!

To join the Barnstormers, please copy & paste this url to your browser: http://saynerbarnstormers.com/join-the-barnstormers/

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