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Trail Report For: Sayner – 01/06/2016

Reported By: Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 01/06/2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 1 to 2″ avg – remaining ON THE TRAIL.

Area Report: –
If you encounter a logging operation on a trail system – DO NOT confront the loggers. Give them as much room as you can, get out of their way, and treat them with the utmost amount of respect. The loggers have the right to shut sections of snowmobile trail down if they so choose. If you piss them off too much – thats exactly what they will do. They are NOT out there trying to piss snowmobilers off. They are trying to make a living which can be hard these days. We have already had an incident where a couple riders chewed a logger out. It had to get smoothed over. Lets not have that happen again!!!

PLEASE – continue to stay off the lakes. Many a sled has gone through ice while following someone else’s tracks. Think about that!!! Continue to stay off until you see a crossing CLEARLY marked.

Conditions, according to riders I have talked to, are mostly poor. Many sleds are overheating. Due to the lack of snow and especially the lack of pack-able WET snow – NO ruts or holes have been filled. Our worst section is Trail 51 around and between intersection numbers 352 and 361.

The forecast does hold some hope. It is supposed to get substantially colder beginning Saturday night and remain cold for at least the next 6 days. This is great news for swamps and lakes.

There is snow in the forecast for today but only around an inch. Tomorrow (Thursday) shows from 1 to 3 and the same for Friday. If we do get decent snow on either day – I will update the report. This could still turn around and if the season goes late – there could still be a lot of riding coming up.

News & Events: –
Please go to http://saynerbarnstormers.com/calendar/ (copy & paste to browser) to see the Barnstormer’s list of events & fundraisers coming up in 2016!!!

To join the Barnstormers, please copy & paste this url to your browser: http://saynerbarnstormers.com/join-the-barnstormers/

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