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Trail Report For: Sayner – 01/13/2016

Reported By: Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 01/13/2016

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 2 inches avg on the trail

Area Report: –
Not much new to report. We still need snow badly. There ARE many sections of trail that are really good – especially considering the lack of new snow. But in between those sections its pretty bumpy in some sections. It really comes down to what each individual’s opinion is of what acceptable riding conditions are. Everyone has an opinion as far as what is poor, fair, good, or better. What one person thinks it pretty good – the next might think is terrible. I never tell someone to stay home. I only try to describe what is out there for conditions and let everyone decide for themselves. Suffice to say – conditions on the average are marginal – but – there is enough snow for lube. If that is good enough for you – no problem. If you need perfect pristine conditions – you won’t be happy. With the conditions we have right now – it is not the best for longevity of carbides and ice picks.

Lakes are freezing up but not many are marked yet. The only one I know of at this point is Pickerel in St Germain has been marked. Even with that and if you see any others marked – this DOES NOT mean they are all safe. Even if you see tracks – do NOT follow them. Many a snowmobile has gone through ice following someone else’s tracks. DO NOT CROSS UNTIL THEY ARE MARKED. This all being said – I expect to see most marked within a week or so.

VERY IMPORTANT: We do have logging going on up by Star Lake. Anywhere you encounter a logging operation – DO NOT CONFRONT THE LOGGERS!!! There was already an incident where a couple riders confronted a logger and it had to get smoothed over. The loggers are not out there trying to piss off snowmobilers. They are out there trying to make a living. They have the right to shut snowmobile trails down if they so choose. If snowmobilers piss them off enough – thats exactly what they will do – shut the trail down until they are done logging. So PLEASE – be patient, give the loggers room, get the heck out of their way, and give them the utmost courtesy possible

News & Events: –
Please go to http://saynerbarnstormers.com/calendar/ (copy & paste to browser) to see the Barnstormer’s list of events & fundraisers coming up in 2016!!!

To join the Barnstormers, please copy & paste this url to your browser: http://saynerbarnstormers.com/join-the-barnstormers/

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