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Trail Report For: Watersmeet – 01/28/2016

Trail Report: Watersmeet

Reported By: Carole Yakel of The Arrows for the Watersmeet Chamber of Commerce

Date of Report: 01/28/2016

Trail Conditions: Very Good

Snow Cover: 10″

Area Report: All of our trail system here is in very good shape including our Trail 2 east and west, Trail 2 east to Trail 107, Trail 3 going north to Bond Falls and Trail 8. Trail 3 between Land O’ Lakes and Watersmeet is being reported as good only because the south end of the trail by Land O’ Lakes has less snow cover and some gravel and rocks have mixed in. The U. P. Thunder Rider groomers have actually reported that trails here are good to excellent. We don’t like to over report, so we feel that “very good” is a truly fair report here.

There likely will be heavy traffic again this weekend, so please be careful out there! There’s some slush on some lakes which could possibly freeze back up tonight due to temps around zero predicted. But it’s better to stay on the hardened trails across any of the lakes you traverse. Asking the locals is a really good thing before you venture on any of the lakes.

Our groomers are grooming at least daily or nightly, so please watch for them on the trails, too. The U. P Thunder Riders are again doing a great job on the trails.

Snow is in the forecast for almost every day or night in the next week with predictions of a really good snowstorm on Tuesday and into Wednesday! It just keeps getting better!

News & Events: With the temporary closure of the casino hotel this week, accommodations for this weekend are hard to find here. As of this writing, we know there are openings still at Jay’s Resort, 906-358-4300, The Arrows, 906-358-4390, Majestic Point, 630-986-0948, and Vacationland Resort, 906-906-358-4380. These resorts and homes are on Thousand Island Lake on the Cisco Chain. Wind Drift, 906-544-2262, on Lac Vieux Desert still has an opening. Some of these are due to last-minute cancellations. We are trying to keep up with openings for all of our members here, so if anything changes, you can call Caryl at the Chamber number, 906-358-9961. She’s been keeping up with all changes and also can give you a live snowmobile report. Come on up! The snow is great, trails are great, and we still have accommodations here!

Thank you for visiting our report. We hope to see you real soon!


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