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Trail Report For: Bayfield County – 02/12/2016

Trail Report: Bayfield County

Reported By: Bayfield County Forestry & Tourism Departments

Date of Report: 02/12/2016

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 6-24 inches

Area Report: Barnes: The Barnes area groomer has been on the trails all week, and grooming will continue through Friday. Trails are in excellent condition, as always the colder temperatures help greatly. There will be grooming equipment and continued brushing on Friday on trail #31S, so use caution in that area.

Cable: The Cable Area received several inches of new snow earlier this week, and while the weather temps have been dropping, the trail conditions have been improving. There is a good 4 inch base and local riders are boasting that trails are in prime condition. More snow is expected both Sunday and Monday for those of you joining us for a long weekend of sledding. Trail 90 is closed due to logging in the area, a suggested reroute would be to take FR191 (Old Grade Rd) to trail 80.

Drummond: This is a big President’s Day weekend for our area with the Drummond Snojacks annual Barstool Races on Saturday. All trails were groomed earlier this week, out again last night and currently grooming trail #63 and #4 to Sanborn. Grooming will continue Friday as needed. With the new snow all trails in the area will be freshly groomed and are in excellent condition. Trails include #63 to Lake Owen, #63 to Grand View, #7 to Barnes, #4 to Sanborn, #6 towards Delta.

Mason: Trail #4 is closed from Horstman Road to Mason, and Trail #63 is closed from Bibon Road to the Tri-County Corridor. The new Trail #4 EAST of Mason connects with Trail #9 in Ashland County, then to the Tri-County Corridor. From the south, take Trail #63 north. Cross over Bibon Road onto Wilson Road and follow it to Highway 63. Cross Highway 63 onto Brown Road and then follow the trail signs to Trail #9. Take Trail #9 north to the Tri-County Corridor.

Namakagon: Trails around Namakagon are being groomed Thursday (2/11/16) and all should be done by Thursday night. Groomers will be out throughout the weekend, mostly late evening into the night. It’s going to be a very busy weekend on the trails so please take caution and care.

Iron River: All the trails in and around Iron River have been groomed this week, including the Tri-County Corridor with the exception of trail #4 to Delta which is getting done Thursday, 2/11/16. If time allows before the busy weekend, the groomers will make another pass south of town.

South Shore: Trail #1 in the Port Wing area from the Iron River Bridge to the Touve road intersection is in good condition. Trail #1 was groomed Wednesday from Herbster to Mountain Rd and into Corny. Trails #41 to #40 to #31 and to 7 Mile Rd were also groomed Wednesday. Trail #1 between Highway 13 and Lenawee Road is open but will be plowed for the rest of the season.

Washburn/Bayfield: The Washburn and Bayfield trails are in excellent condition. The groomer has been out 6 days and nights a week. Trail #1 is open and groomed to Legendary Waters Casino.

Please ride with respect to all that make this happen! Enjoy and ride safely!

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