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Trail Report For: Hurley – 02/17/2016

Trail Report: Hurley

Reported By:Hurley Chamber of Commerce

Date of Report:02/17/2016

Trail Conditions: Excellent

Snow Cover: 25 to 30 inches

Area Report: With the recent abundant snowfall, we have had several visitors to the area. We would like to point out how important it is to stay on the marked trails. Read on:
If you do not understand why it is so important to stay on the trail I urge you to come to a club meeting and get involved. Spend hours or days or weeks convincing the land owner to use THEIR land so that snowmobilers can cross it. Once you convince them that snomobilers are a responsible group, we need you to spend all day for several days clearing brush in the fall from the trail. Then after several days of clearing brush we need you to sign the trails, marking corners, dangerous areas, placing stop signs and intersection signs and business signs pointing riders in the right direction. Once the signs are placed make sure you’re available to groom once the snow storm comes, because everyone wants to ride and know when the trails are going to open. Finally the trails have opened and YOU have decided to go off trail. Now, we have to explain to the land owner why someone went off trail and destroyed part of the winter crop or destroyed young trees and ask and convince them to let us continue to cross their land.
If you cannot stay on the trail then STAY HOME so at least us responsible riders still have a trail to ride on.
TRAIL CLOSURE: Starting tomorrow there will be logging activity on Trail 13C (also known as Camp 7 Road). The entire trail from Corridor 17 to Trail 13 (Hogsback) will be closed until further notice.
The road has been plowed and is very narrow. It would be dangerous to mix traffic during the logging activity.
White Thunder Riders report trails in very good condition. Conditions should hold up until Thursday, temperatures are forecast to reach mid to upper 30s on Friday which will result in changing trail conditions.

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