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Trail Report For: Sayner – 02/20/2016

Reported By: Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 02/20/2016

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 2 inches +/- On The Trail

Area Report: –
We received a mixed bag of precipitation yesterday. Hail was about the only thing we did not have come down. It was not the trail destroying warm & rain that the weather forecasters predicted, but it was not good either. We started off with rain & drizzle, then switched to HEAVY snow (got about 1/2 inch), and then back to light rain. Any area exposed, near road crossings, and near towns – the trails are sloppy and brown.

It is currently about 37 out. The good news for now is that it is supposed to be overcast all day. More good news is that it is supposed to cool down later today. There are flurries and snow showers predicted for tomorrow (Sunday).

Once again and as always, it comes down to opinions on conditions. For an average I rate our system as fair. But that is an average with some areas not as good and some areas better. The problem now is that the snow is so wet that when it gets cold – there will be very little loose snow left for cooling. So lets hope those flurries and snow showers come tomorrow as forecasted. If your a rider that does not care about conditions you will still have a ball out there. If you need ideal, pristine, and perfect – you would want to ride around today in the 4 wheel snowmobile with the heater and stereo.

News & Events: –
Please go to http://saynerbarnstormers.com/calendar/ (copy & paste to browser) to see the Barnstormer’s list of events & fundraisers coming up in 2016!!!

To join the Barnstormers, please copy & paste this url to your browser: http://saynerbarnstormers.com/join-the-barnstormers/

We have a breakfast pancake fundraiser coming up on June 12th – 7 to 11am at Junction Cafe. in Sayner.

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