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Trail Report For: Superior – Douglas County – 02/25/2016

Trail Report: Superior – Douglas County

Reported By: Superior-Douglas County Visitors Bureau

Date of Report: 02/25/2016

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 6-8″

Area Report: It is critical that we respect the landowners who allow us to use their property… please review the information below carefully before trail riding and confirm that you are using open trails. Please note that on certain trails only segments of that trail may be open at this time. We anticipate frequent updates as the clubs report in with trails they have checked. In all areas where the winter recreational trails are closed the clubs are actively working on the getting the trails open.
Ice conditions – Wisconsin DNR website provides general and safety information about ice conditions: http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/outdoorrecreation/activities/icesafety.html
The Crosstown Trail (#2) is temporarily closed from the Tower Avenue crossing eastward to the TriCounty Corridor in order to protect the base at the golf course and by the tank farm.
Trail 4-41 is still being worked on now that we got parts froze down. Swamp on 4-41 west of Erickson Creek not froze enough to take groomer across. This trail segment (Warming Shack to the Milchesky Road)remains closed at this time.
Road routes are thinning out.
Trail 4 – Groomed this morning good condition at this time.
Additional grooming will occur if the weather allows. Will provide updates as warranted.
Monday, February 22, 2016
Less snow to the NW near Superior. As of Feb 21 snow depth on the ground near Poplar is 7.5 inches, a significant loss from the previous 14 inches. Light dusting of snow over Sunday in Poplar, Brule and south. Considering the heat wave, Brule River Riders Trails survived fairly well.
All funded Brule River Rider trails have been groomed since the weekend except # 2 west of Moccasin Mike Road.
Conditions vary widely with some icy corners and lower snow levels.
Many areas are still in very good condition.
More details:
Most trails are vary from snirty to very good
Trail 2: (Tri-County Corridor) Groomed only to Moccasin Mike Rd.
Trail 235: Thin in some areas but adequate for snowmobiles.
Trail 635: Groomed on as needed basis. Groomed Thursday the 11th.
Trail 217 is in Fair condition
Trail 17 from Cabin Lane to Fowlers Circle is in Fair Condition
Trail 17 South of Fowlers Circle is in Fair Condition (Not grooming unless we get significant snow, too icy)
Trail 3 – Groomed on 2/16/16 fair shape – no grooming scheduled for this week.
JPR update, out grooming now trails 5,541,41s. Trails are in good shape, not much snow on 541. Corners are icy–be careful. Trail 41n & 35n to be done tonight. Trails 7&27 tomorrow. Trail 35s tomorrow night along with 27 b&c
Trail 9 from Town Road TT north to the Trail 9/Trail 935 intersection is closed due to a water hazard
where a groomer broke through the ice.
Douglas County – Trail 5 in good shape, groomed
Trail 935 is now open and ungroomed.
Burnett County – 925, 151, 118 in good to very good condition, groomed.

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