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Trail Report For: Watersmeet – 02/25/2016

Trail Report: Watersmeet

Reported By: Carole Yakel of The Arrows for the Watersmeet Chamber of Commerce

Date of Report: 02/25/2016

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 10″

Area Report: Our trails are rideable at this time but most are now reported in fair condition. Although we’ve had snow for several days in a row, it isn’t enough for our groomers to work with. Until we get about 5″ of new snow, grooming has been suspended.

With those couple of days of warmer temps and some rain, our base went from 18″ to 10″! We have one bad day coming up with predictions of 41 degrees on Saturday. We do have some snow in the forecast and normal cold conditions are predicted. We just have to hope that it’s enough to get our groomers out there again.

The groomers are reporting the following conditions on the Watersmeet trails:

Trail 2 west of Watersmeet: Icy and fair for 12-15 miles and then it turns good
Trail 2 east of Watersmeet: Trail 2 east of Watersmeet to Trail 107: Fair with dirt and/or rocks mixed in with the snow till you get out of town
Trail 3 north of Trail 2 to Bond Falls and Trail 8: Fair with icy corners
Trail 3 south of Watersmeet to Land O’ Lakes: Poor with lots of dirt and rocks mixed in with the snow
Trail 13 south of Trail 2 towards the Cisco Chain: Trail is in good condition

For a live up-to-date trail report, call Caryl at our chamber phone, 906-358-9961 or email me at visit@watersmeet.org. For information on our area here, please visit our website at www.watersmeet.org.

Thanks for visiting our report. We hope we can give you good news soon!


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