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Trail Report For: Sayner – 03/05/2016

Reported By: Sayner/Star Lake Barnstormers

Trail Report: Sayner

Date of Report: 03/05/2016

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 3 +/- inches

Area Report: –
This MIGHT only be a one day affair. We received about 3 inches of white gold between yesterday and overnight. It is supposed to be 34 today but it is also supposed to be overcast. Is this the answer to our prayers? Only if it were going to hang around for a while. The forecast says it won’t. They are predicting 46 for tomorrow, 48 & rain for Monday, and 51 & rain for Tuesday. All we can hope for at this point is that the forecasters are way off, it will end up way colder and we end up with more snow. However, I am afraid that is only wishful thinking. The weather trend beginning today is for temps to go up. Today and maybe in the morning COULD be about it for this season.

As far as conditions out there, even with the 3 inches, it is not for the rider that needs perfect and pristine. There is certainly more than enough for slider lube. Road routes will still be marginal. The base was gone in many areas so even with the 3 inches, your carbides & pics will still contact a lot of dirt & rocks.

This 3 inches would have been a great base rebuilder if only it would stay cold and then we get more later. But that just does not seem to be in the cards.

If you ride – please ride safe. Riding safe is riding smart. Slow down and ride another day!!!

News & Events: –
Please go to http://saynerbarnstormers.com/calendar/ (copy & paste to browser) to see the Barnstormer’s list of events & fundraisers coming up in 2016!!!

To join the Barnstormers, please copy & paste this url to your browser: http://saynerbarnstormers.com/join-the-barnstormers/

We have a breakfast pancake fundraiser coming up on June 12th – 7 to 11am at Junction Cafe. in Sayner.

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