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    Talking thinking about it

    Thinking of maybe trying to make it up that way this saterday afternoon have to go to huntley to pick up the new sled and then head from there! See what moma says today about it! Jamison went to put helmet back together missing parts has to go get new one so don't know when he will be up and runing!! We got a mess here. Mixed bag of tricks! Hope to see you saterday!! Rubber side down unless boonedocken babe!

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    Paul they are still calling for a couple more inches of snow,if it stays snow,. I just let the dog out the back and i didnt even break the crust. and he was slippen and slidden all over. But from the news up in wood stock they got 8-10 inches. Let me know if your ditch bangen arround the area. I just need a day to rejet and re clutch. I have till the 29th off. I still owe you breakfast gas and somthing else any how. Gimme a call if ya if ya head out 630-608-4195

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    hey paul, if your thinking of a day ride this weekend let us know, we are thinking of going to rock county or the janesville area saturday for the day to get the throttle itch taken care of

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    Talking Update

    This just in ill be there saterday moven everything a day up so I can ride! 1fast post some pics I think all of us in the ice pack want to see some fresh pow!!

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    Hey Paul, we gots to hook up this year, we have the snow so no excuses lol. I'ts been way to long let's plan a ride.

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    this weekend is out. way to much to get done. but hey that can always change. priorities paul priorities paul. lol
    will keep you in mind scott.
    jason - sounds good. will need to wait till after holidays for sure.
    courtland crew - thanks for invite. don't you got decent snow in your area.
    with new track getting it's tail wet this morning. wish could test on better snow conditions. - the ride didn't pan out the way i was hoping. darn. may be putting back on the oem skis. sure could rip up and down the roads though. had even been cleaned yet.

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    I don't know if I'd waste the trip to Rock Co. things got pounded pretty hard today. we saw a ton of sleds out today. If you don't mind lake riding let me know theres a ton of snow on Koshkanong I'd show you around out here.

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    update from the 868

    1fastmxz, my buddy jamason (loser hasn't registered to snowtracks), two others and I put on right around 100 miles yesterday! Trails were good lots of sleds out east of the lake not to many out on the lake there isnt a good trail yet we cant keep it packed down just blows shut! We are at a balmie -10 the last time i checked dont know if were going out today there is some ditches calling my name!! then its back to work for two days then right back up here for 12 days!

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