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    Who has the most miles this year?

    Alright all you stat freaks, who's got the most saddle time in this year? I have a meeger (spelling) 155 miles so far. Any one over 1000 yet?

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    I got 425 on so far in central wisconsin. Trails r groomed smooth as can b!! Corners r little icey yet tho

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    Feel better Jay i have a wopping 50-70 miles combined on my 2 sleds of course thats all Bean fields and such but still. Hoping to hit th trail next weekend and hit the 500 mark.

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    Yeah, I'm just waitin for the weekend for alittle warmer temps. I would rather ride with someone, I think it's always more fun. On the down side none of my friends want to ride when it's this cold. I might take a spin today.

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    I've got about 600 between 2 sleds. Could have alot more because the trails are pretty good here, but since I'm not working, I don't have the spare cash to put on 150 miles a day. Oh well, at least I have SNOWTRACKS so I can here about everybody elses sled trips!

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    I'm just sitting back giving everyone else a head start. 375 for me.

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    20 miles for me getting a late start but heading to dirty birches house( AKA match8) on the 20th for a week of riding with him any one in the area (Hayward) I'm sure mark will not mind if any one what's to come up.

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    Don't feel too bad Jay. I have exactly ZERO miles on the Z this year. Took over two weeks to get it ready & then I got sick. I'm ready to go now and I have to work this weekend. Once I get in the "northwoods" I may not come back!

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    534, 100 plus, 150 plus, mile trips, and a 200 mile + round the Menominee rez run. + Friday local jaunts

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    734 I rode with my daughter the weekend before Christmas here around Appleton and had like 200 miles in 2 days not bad for riding with a 12 year old daughter on her own sled. Then rode Eagle River on News Year day - the 5th of January with my daughter,and wife and other family members and had like 534 on after that and last Sat and Sun had 100 both days for a total of 734 so a good start

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