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    water rescue goes on call

    water rescue was called to lake Koshkanong last night for two missing snowmobilers.
    when two of three sledders didn't make shore last night the third called for help. after a short search rescue found the two broke down from riding through deep water on top of the ice.

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    They were found 500 yards north of dallman's landing. Bad place to ride during warm temps, alot of water collects thre as it is the low point of the area.

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    When we left Norm's yesterday we decided to bring the road around there was so much water on the lake. we then decided we'd better go get the shack off, I couldn't believe how much water was in the bay off Dallmans. alot more then over at vinne were we were fishing.

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    I just talked to a friend of mine... They were out ice fishing at that Norm's Fishery said they went across the lake after fishing and the ice dropped out near the landing.... They were in a full size suburban doing 40mph with water coming over the hood right off the landing! I'm guessing these 3 came off the lake over there at dark and ran into that wall of water not going fast enough!

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