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    Anyone been to Big Bay lately?

    This last weekend we rode from Amasa to Bruce's Crossing down to Watersmeet and then east towards Iron River, MI and then back up to Amasa. The further west we went, the worse it got. Thinking about going to Big Bay next weekend. Has anyone been there lately? How are the trails and the snow condition?

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    Actually we just got back from riding trip to Big Bay on Saturday & Houghton/Copper Harbor on Sunday. Big Bay area does still have a lot of snow on the trails. They were great the first part of the day and by the afternoon they were a bit slushy with the 50 degree temps. Trails near towns were also a bit bare in some spots. I am not sure how well they will hold up for next weekend, temps are gonna be pretty warm over the next few days.

    Houghton to Copper Harbor also had the same trail conditions.

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    We're from Florence Co & Iron Mountain and we're just looking for one last ride. Big Bay would be nice and close. Don't know if we want to run all the way to Calumet or Munising. I called up the General Store in Big Bay and they said they have not seen a sled in two days. The parking lot is bare and the trail across the street is mud.

    I also called Koski's Korners and they said the trail was pretty much gone.

    I'm willing to bet that there is some snow left in the woods but not very much. It would be tough to get to it. Besides they're talking light showers for Sat and more into Sun.

    I think I'm done for the year.

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    We too traveled from our cabin in Florence and parked the sleds across the street from Koski's corner in Champion. There was snow in the parking lot when when left, but had melted significantly that day.

    Yes it is sad to say, but we are done too.

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    We stayed in Christmas for the wknd. good thing we had planned a backwoods wknd instead of trail riding. three full days and we came home with under two hundred miles on the sled. This old man is feeling it today. them young pups beat the heck out of me. I had to go back to Marquette Tuesday and It didn't look very good. this warm weather was doing a number on the snow. I don't think it would be worth heading up there this wknd.


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