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Thread: MXZ driveshaft

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    MXZ driveshaft

    My buddy dropped his 2002 MXZ in a pond this weekend and sucked a rock in between his track and tunnel and now has a bent driveshaft. Just wondering if anyone knows where we can get a new or used one for cheap and if a driveshaft off of a 01 MXZ would fit in his sled. Thanks for the help

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    Yes an 01 will work and new they can't be that spendy

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    when i snapped mine off it cost me arround $500 i think. from the dealer. If you bent the drive shaft i am sure you bent more stuff so good luck. Since it is an 02 you should beable to call up a sled yard and get a used one. they dont go bad that offten so you should be safe with a used one.

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    We snapped one right in half on a polaris indy trail...long story short, we ended up replacing the chaincase and all associated bearings as well. drive shaft was the least of our worries, that was like maybe $50 MAX on ebay, then we got a chaincase off of ebay, and all bearings and other misc things from the dealer, works great now. I guess basically, check everything that could be affected with the driveshaft.

    So I'd check ebay.

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