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    Want to get back

    I was new to sledding and had two Polaris 2-ups. Finances made me sell 2 years ago. The itch never went away. I want to get back into sledding. What direstion do I go? Arctic Cat and Yamaha seem to have some good promotions right now. I think SkiDoo also does. Would get just one two up. Not an aggressive rider, just a rider with extra baggage(LOL) main riding with myself or son/daughter.

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    The Yamaha Venture GT caught my eye

    The price was 10800....is that a reasonable price???

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    Well, I'm a little biased toward Skidoo. But I gotta say why, we picked up a new 2010 early last fall. We got the GTX LE 600 ETEC Grand Touring. The thing is just awesome for ride, comfort, fuel economy, no smoke, quiet.....I can't say enough good about it. We put just over 1300 miles on it last year. We got it for about $9300 brand new. Whatever direction you go, my feeling is either the ETEC or a 4 stroke is the way to go for 2 up riding for the fuel economy and quiet ride.

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    Please feel free to contact me at chris@vetesnik.com or look at www.vetesnik.com, could discuss some options with you.

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