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    Thumbs up belt burning polaris

    What would cause a 2005 polaris fusion 900 to burn belts? Any help would greatly be appreciated. when you run it hard it will eat belts even high end ones

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    with out seeing it in person , I would say there has to be a allignment problem. or there is a mount that is allowing too much twist in the engine mounting. this is a common occurance and should be able to be adjusted without any big problem.

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    I had a 800 mach z 1998 skidoo and could burn a belt in 300 miles,,,clutch was rebuilt,and i used skidoo belt,finally traded the z for a mxz 600 ho and could burn a belt in 500 miles, a agressive driver i 've been told ,leading the trail,fun !be safe and watch the corners for nascar drivers!partisapate in the sport replys needed

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