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    2001 Arctic Cat ZR600.

    Hey guys,

    I am having a problem starting my sled and was wondering if I can get some feed back. Here is the story.

    Bought the sled with 3200 miles on it in 2007 from Mercer, WI. Everything was fine, started right up no issues. Since 2007, I put about 800 miles on it. I didn't go snowmobiling in winter 2010/2011 & so far haven't gone in 2011/2012. I have put stable in it for the summer months and did occasionally start it up and let it run for 10-15 minutes. My problem probably started in 2009/2010 where the sled just wouldn't start up unless I used starter fluid. I found out something about the choke that I can pull it out a little and it would let fuel in, and then try & start it but I still have an issue with starting. Till this day, they only way I am able to start the sled is starting fluid. I recently started it up this week and after I used the starting fluid it fired right up (a lot of white somke was coming from the exhaust, and then went down about 15 minutes after). Would anyone suggest why I am having such a problem? Is there a way to fix, maybe clean the carbs or something?

    I am really trying to sell it because I'd like to buy a 2up for the wife & I.


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    The carbs are probably dirty, you should also drain that old gas.

    I am a little concerned there may be further damage if you ran it long but clogged up carbs you may have dropped one of the cylinders when i shutdown on you.

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    Hey braindead1684,

    It never shutdown on me, I meant that the smoke went down... Could you explain to me how to clean the carbs?


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    Don't have my cat repair manual anymore, however the process is very similar, hopefully someone familiar with cats will chime in.

    The first thing you do typically is pull the air box off, followed by the fuel lines and such from the carbs.

    Then you will remove the carbs from the intake boots (should have clamps on the boots like the airbox).

    Once they are off you will start with removing the float bowl and looking for anything "extra" in there water debris extra oil etc... (be careful when you remove the carbs not to tip them too much or you might empty them out and you want to see whats in them such as water which can cause some problems.

    Once the float bowl is off things get alittle tricky the main thing you need to do is check all passages and jets, again i am not familiar with cat carbs so not sure the best method for you.

    If you have never done them or are concerned a lot of times you can pull them and have the dealer clean them and set them for you to re-install for a lot less then taking the whole sled in to pull and check over.


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