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    Wisconsin I-39/90

    Hope nobody had to travel home tonight using the interstate. 30 car pile up due to fog.
    the interstate is still close due to the pile up from this afternoon

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    Is that the 3 lane part where everybody drives like idiots?? All my in-laws went through there, musta been before the accident.

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    That would be the Portage interchange, if I'm not mistaken.
    Yes. 3 lane havoc. No holds barred driving in that area.

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    I just flat dread that piece of road. They should make the left lane 60mph, the center lane 70mph and the right lane 80mph. And no I don't get road rage, but somebodys always got to be goin 50 in the hammer lane!

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    I was on my way home to IL from two incredible days of sledding, Friday in Tomahawk, and Saturday at Eagle River with Hiawatha Al, Howler, Matt (Madam), JeffOD and manager Randy. Just happened to tune in WBBM 780 AM between Portage and Madison. It was very, very foggy, by the way. They mentioned that I39/90 was closed both directions. I took the very next exit, #126, hwy 19 and took local roads to the east, then south, to bypass the whole thing. Once back on the interstate south of it all, I saw the northbound lanes all backed up, lots of police at the ramps, and warning flares burning a couple miles before the backup. I saw a local news vehicle. The police were even at the u-turn thingies keeping people from doing u-turns. I'm very glad I had the radio on when I did!

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    I saw on the news this morning a few people lost their lives in that pile-up. Terreible. Some people just don't use enough brain power when the weather turns to crap. Thoughts and prayers to their families.

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    Pretty ugly mess the way it sounded on the two way radio. We were listening to the Dane County dispatchers shuffle ambulances and apparatus around. I think the worst of it started near the hwy12/18 exit into Madison and actually covered several miles of the interstate. It ended up being 6 or 7 multi car crashes all because people wanna folow so close and go 70 mph in pea soup. Needless to say it was tonight's lead story on the news. The tow services made out pretty good but even they weren't exempt from getting smacked into several times. Bad deal all around. 2 killed and several dozen injured.

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    I39-90 pile up

    After two days of great snowmobiling we were driving home to Indiana. It was crazy. If I did not stop for food at the last minute I could have been in the big crash. I am guessing I was 15 minutes behind the time of the crash. Eveyone was driving at 70 miles an hour without good vision. My brother was calling it all along that there is going to be the big crash. I could not slow down because I was afraid I was going to get slammed into. I feel sorry for the people involved.

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    yea i do say it is CRAZY going thru that area. 3 lane drag strip.
    "WE RIDE"

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