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    Talking 1st timer

    At work we have several Japanese men who are in the states to assist us with a new vehicle line we are launching. One of them saw pictures on my toolbox of my sons on one of the sleds at my cottage. He said he had never been on a snowmobile and told me he would like to see what it was like. Well, he got his chance last weekend.
    When we got to the cottage I had to park on the street be because there was so much snow, I couldn't even get my quad out of the garage. I did get the sleds out and gave him a quick but complete safety/instructional lecture. He rode slowly up and down the street a few times. When he took off his helmet I thought I was going to have to pry the smile off his face.
    The next day we got up and rode down to the lake and he got a chance to open it up. well we rode all morning then went into town and ate then back to the lake and we rode til dark. He had a BLAST! And I got a huge kick out of seeing the look on his face. He talked about it all the way home... a three hour drive.

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    Great story!

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    Does this mean that we will see a Japanese line of sleds come out?? Well, done, sounds like ya hooked another one to the sport!!! Sometimes it's more fun watching a new rider than it is to actually ride yourself, ..... OK, .....sometimes.


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