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Thread: Miles This Year

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    Talking Miles This Year

    OK THE SNOW IS ALMOST GONE FOR MOST OF US SO HOW MANY MILES DID YOU RACK UP THIS WINTER? I got 1874 miles on my 700xcsp, 200 on the 87 cougar and the wife got 1500 on her supersport.

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    Smile great year

    got about 2000 miles on my 2006 yamaha attak had a blast cant wait for next year.

    There Are Fast Sleds Reliable Sleds But Frew Fast Reliable Sleds!!!!!!!!

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    put on about 1000 miles on both of them

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    1984.4 miles for me. Most of those miles were South of Madison. I did make two runs to the cabin this winter,but that was only as far North as Babcock.
    Madison is reporting 100.4" so far this season. I wish we'd see these numbers every year around here.

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    Just plain awesome

    You guys kicked my butt, and I thought I did good getting 1000 miles in. It doesn't get much better than it was this year in southern WI. I hope mother nature smiles on us again next season. Do ya think a real nice mother's day card would help???

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    Good idea we can have all the trackers sign it then we're sure to get dumped on next year

    As far as miles hold **cry cry sob sob. 200 miles Always ride with my dad and well he blew his crank and was down for a while as we had to find a crank. Now i have two sleds so that doesn't happen again

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    What could have been......

    Wow! Someone had less miles than me.....I put on 480 and change.

    I missed X-mas due to DNR's slow response, another weekend with the whole "idler wheel" thing and a third due to a brother who thought changing shocks Saturday morning before we left was a GOOD IDEA!!! (parts store closes at noon and they gave him the wrong shocks!)

    I think next year I'm going with a "less baggage" motto!! Although the miles I put on were on AWESOME trails, I think there should have been more.......wait a minute-I think that EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!

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    rub it in its alright

    I didn't have my sled together until new years day when we had the new track and completley rebuilt suspension in. Lost me a idler wheel too, i think i forgot some lock tight oooops. Actualy lost a bolt out of the rear idler shaft two I didn't locktight 3 whole bolts on the skid and guess which ones where out and coming out

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    It's a little hard for us to keep track of our milage ,thanks to doo's wonderfull gas gage. We have to use our trips to keep a eye on fuel so it's a average guess for us . In my guess the wife and I logged somewhere in the ballpark of 1800 mi, 2 trips to the yooper and 1 in the lower , not to mention a few rips around home for some shakedown runs.


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    About 2800 for me, 3600+ on all three sleds with the kids and a buddy borrowing a sled for a trip. All but 280 at Eagle River were right out the cabin door in Winter, WI......Could have been a lot more, but I am very satisfied with the season. My best ever!

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