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    horsepower for 1998 arctic cat zl 500?

    hey guys, I am trying to figure out the stock hp for one of these as I just picked it up. it has a fresh rebuilt motor (top and bottom end) with weisco pistons. Thanks guys

    also, does anyone know the stock hp for a 2001 mxz 800? I bought this a couple months ago, just curious, the compression in both cylinders was a little over 120 for cylinders, is this ok? I am new to sledding, just picked up the sport late last winter..and I already have 2 sleds, just need to figure out as much as I can...

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    The 500 i would save low 80s maybe low 70's (just an educated guess).

    800 not to sure but the 120 psi is good.

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    the cat should be around 100 horse if it has the reed motor(I can't remember what it came with and I'm too lazy to look it up) Now the doo, if I remember correctly they were coming in around 130-140, depending on who was running the dyno.

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    ok lets see i have owned both years 1998 zl-500 and a 2002 zl-500/with powervalves the 98 had 98 HP and the 2002 had 101 hp both very fast and quick only sledd to match was polaris home built 500 powervalved xcsp

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