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Bayfield, Wisconsin

Trail Report For: Bayfield - 02/18/2015

Reported By: Gary Dalzell/Woodside Cottages

Trail Report: Bayfield

Date of Report: 02/18/2015

Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 12″-14″

Area Report: The groomed trails in the Bayfield/Valhalla are in good to very good condition with a few exceptions. TR31N/TR1 and TR51 west of Bayfield which are good but they still have a few thin areas. TR1 is still closed between Echo Valley and Henkens Rd and will be for the remainder of the season. The condition on the 6 mile detour will vary from plowed to a few inches of loose or packed snow but was OK last weekend. TR40 is plowed for a three mile stretch north of Old Badly and 1/2 mile east.

The Forest Roads have a very solid base with a couple inches of loose snow. The heavier traveled FR’s are showing some wear and tear but for the most part the FR’s are in good to very good condition for mid-Feb. The FR’s east of Old Baldy in Clover Twsp that were plowed three weeks ago are OK as they have 3-4″ of snow on top. FR 683 was been plowed again last weekend. Most of the FR’s in the Jammer Hill and Friendly Valley area are plowed for logging.

Access in and out of most of the towns along the lake will vary as the trail conditions get thin. Our guests reported that access in to Cornie was good last weekend.

Cold temps will remain and there is a chance of snow Friday into Saturday

Sled traffic has been very light. Avoid the crowded trails to the east and south and come on up and experience some very good riding.

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Snowmobiling Information

Northern Bayfield County is a beautiful area that provides a terrific riding opportunity in uninhabited and non developed national and state forests. The area is uncrowded and in the middle of the Bayfield Peninsula away from the small communities located on the shores of Lake Superior. Yet the area is easily accessed from these communities.

There is an extensive state trial system maintained and groomed with newly acquired groomers by the area clubs. The trails are a combinations of trails and designated forest roads almost exclusively through the woods and areas where logging has taken place. The trails are void of riding ditches and lakes.

There are hundreds of miles of marked forest roads that provide another option. They are unimproved roads and are usually not maintained nor see vehicles in the Winter. The forest roads are not groomed but they provide an opportunity to break powder and also for one to “ride” their sled no matter the conditions. Be aware that the forest roads do not include stop and curve signs and there are many unmarked intersections.

One of the other benefits of riding in this area is that it receives far less volume of sled traffic compared to the more common riding destinations. There are just two places where one can get gas, food and beverages. That in itself helps make the trails safer.

Northern Bayfield County – It doesn’t get any better than this!

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