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St. Germain, Wisconsin

Trail Report For: St. Germain - 01/16/2015

Trail Report: St. Germain

Reported By: Ken Jackson

Date of Report: 01/16/2015

Trail Conditions: Good

Snow Cover: 12 inches in woods

Area Report: Groomers have been working with the older snow that has remained. Little new snow over the last week, but frigid temps have kept things nicely intact.

Snort developing near roadsides and close to some lake access points. Slush is minimal, but some heavy areas of lake slush are still present on Rainbow Flowage. Many bumpy spots on lakes from ruts created over new years when slush was more prevalent.

Woods trails are very good, but some icing in corners can be found. Warmer temps this week will increase that.

Forecasts are calling for snow after the weekend. Things are good now, but we will need some white stuff to keep things happy. If you see a groomer, give them the thumbs up sign. They deserve it!

Be Safe,


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Snowmobiling Information

St. Germain, Wisconsin… the NUMBER ONE vacation spot in the North and the NUMBER ONE spot for snowmobiling fun. The unique little village of St. Germain is well known for its fine network of snowmobile trails. The local snowmobile club, the St.Germain Bo-Boen Tribe, has developed a trail marking system and engineered grooming equipment that is copied nationally and internationally. The Club owns three grooming machines, drags, and has built and maintains nearly 100 miles of well-marked trails that connect with their neighboring communities in Vilas and Oneida Counties. They are opened in early December depending on snow conditions.

For the rejuvenation of your mind and soul, don’t miss the St. Germain area for your snowmobiling and winter fun. Bring your camera for an unforgettable holiday of watching the winter wildlife, pines weeping form the heavy snow, white birch sparkling in the winter sunshine and stars at night looking so close you feel you can reach out and touch them. A weeks holiday can’t begin to cover all the winter trails in St. Germain that connect with neighboring community trails.

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