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Trail Report – : Land O’ Lakes, Wisconsin – January 15, 2021

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: lightly snowing
Date of Report: January 15, 2021
Area Report:

The weather man predicted 1-3 inches and then 3-5, then 5-7…..oh we were getting excited……but then reality set in and there was about 1/2 inch this morning when I went to the Lodge. At least it has been lightly snowing this afternoon and early evening. Temp is 32 degrees so a drop of ten degrees or so would be appreciated. We will see what tomorrow morning brings.

Trails are rideable but definitely need snow—-6 inches to really get them where we need them to be. Some spots are good and some are bare with rocks. Be careful and be respectful of private land owners.


News and Reports:


Radar Run Feb. 13 at Bent’s Camp!!!!

Trail Report – : Bayfield County, Wisconsin – January 15, 2021


Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 2-12 inches

Date of Report: January 15, 2021

Area Report:


1/15/2021 update: The winter snowstorm didn’t bring near as much snow as we were hoping. Across the county we received anywhere from a sprinkling to 5 inches in the higher elevations. Groomers will be out doing what they can with the snow we received so be alert when out on the trails.


Snow base (in inches):  2-12 inches

Status (Closed, Open, Partially Open): Open, early season

Condition (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent): Fair to Poor

With no new snow and warmer temps, trails are holding up and rideable but in fair to poor condition. A slow-moving winter storm is in the forecast for Thursday and Friday so we are hoping that dumps a bunch of snow throughout the whole county. If we do get a bunch of snow, I’ll try to do a quick update on Friday.


The same trouble spots still remain:

  • The Grand View and Mason areas didn’t receive much snow and sled traffic could damage farm fields. Please use caution.
  • Trail 1 along the South shore is rough but passable.
  • Trail 1 to Bayfield and Legendary Waters Casino are currently closed. The trail into the City of Bayfield will not open this year, but we’re hopeful for next year. The trail to the Casino is currently being worked on and will provide an update when it opens.


Namakagon Trail Groomers: Trails are in fair condition. Some are more brown than white but rideable. Hope we get some snow!


Barnes Barnestormers: Barnestormers trails are in poor but rideable condition. Trails 17 and 31 are good once you get north of trail 18, and 18 is in good condition. We groomed trail 7 to Drummond and trail 63 from Lake Owen to Grandview on Friday. (Poor condition). We hope to be grooming again by the weekend if the weather is accommodating.


Drummond SnoJacks: The Drummond groomer remains out for repairs. Barnes and/or Namakagon plan to help out on our trails so refer to their report.


Frosty’s Vintage Riders: Trail 4 from the Corridor to the Diner- very poor. Mason to Delta: fair to poor. Forest roads are fair, Scenic Drive road routes are fair.


Washburn Valhallers: Trails in the Valhalla area remain in fair condition. Hopefully we will get a good snow on Wednesday night.

Trail #13, Ashland to Washburn:  Very thin but ridable; Trail #13, Washburn to Valhalla:  Thin but ridable; Trail 33/31/63, Valhalla to Moquah:  Covered but getting thin with exposed rocks on #63. Trail 31 around Valhalla; Covered but getting thin; some of the most snow in our area. Like everyone, we are really hoping for some snow with this next system. 


South Shore– Port Wing, Herbster & Cornucopia: Trail 1 from Port Wing to Corny is rough with no grooming yet. Wally Polk trail is fair so is trail 40 and 41. We need snow and I will be out grooming!


WAINO – Waino Riders will not be grooming until we get some snow. Hopefully at the end of the week. Trail 1 is rideable and that’s about it.


Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – January 15, 2021


Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 4-8″

Date of Report: January 15, 2021

Snowmobile Information:

We had about 4-5″ of wetter snow that packs down nice last night. It is also snowing lightly as I report at 3:00.Keith and I went out in the groomer and panned the Northern Hornshoe system, and if the temps drop without a lot of sled traffic today, we should set up nicely. I would report “fair” to “good”, but for a more accurate assessment, tune to Wolf

Trail Report – : Superior – Douglas County, Wisconsin – January 15, 2021


Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 2 – 5 inches. Some areas are thin. Please help us maintain our snowbase!

Date of Report: January 15, 2021

Area Report:

Snowmobile and Winter ATV/UTV Trails (As of 1/15/2021)

Douglas County managed trails are 98% OPEN! The county received approximately 2 inches of snow last night and this morning, with some areas receiving no snow. There is more snow cover in the northern half of the county and varying cover across the rest.  Most trails are in early season riding conditions so please help preserve our snow base. Please check with our neighboring counties to ensure the trails are open before you ride!

It is critical that we respect our landowners who allow us to utilize their property for these trails. Please stay on the trail and ride safely.  We will provide updates as conditions change.

Click here for a map that outlines open trails. 

Open trails
SW Quadrant
Trail 5 between S. Mail Road and CTH T – Not groomed
Trail 5 South of CTH T – Not groomed
Trail 5A – Not groomed
Trail 9 – Groomed from Cummings Road north to the Warming Shack*Please note Trail 9 is temporarily closed between the North Road and County Road TT. Please use Trail 930 and Trail 5 as a reroute around this section*
Trail 935 – Not groomed
Trail 925 – Not groomed
Trail 835 – Not groomed
Trail 930 – Not groomed

SE Quadrant
Trail 35 Wild Rivers Trail north of Solon Springs – Not groomed
Trail 35 Wild Rivers Trail south of Solon Springs – Not groomed
Trail 27B – Not groomed
Trail 27C – Not groomed
Trail 41S – Not groomed
Trail 41B – Not groomed
Trail 217 – Not groomed
Trail 727 – Not groomed
Trail 17N – Not groomed
Trail 17S South of Lower Eau Claire Lake – Not groomed (Watch for logging)
Trail 7 – Not groomed
Trail 27 – Not groomed
Trail 3 – Not groomed
Trail 41 Wild Rivers Trail to Warming Shack – Not groomed (Watch for logging west of Gregerson Road)
Trail 541 – Not groomed

NE Quadrant
Trail 1 – Groomed
Trail 2 (Tri-County Corridor) – Groomed 
Trail 4 – Groomed 
Trail 6 – Groomed
Trail 18 – Groomed
Trail 24 – Groomed
Trail 24 B – Groomed
Trail 27/27A – Groomed (The wet problem area on the north end of Trail 27 has been temporarily fixed to allow safe traffic)
Trail 35 (Wild Rivers Trail) – Groomed
Trail 235 – Groomed
Trail 635 – Not groomed

NW Quadrant
Gandy Dancer Trail* – Groomed (Watch for deer crossing between Moen Road and CTH BB)
Saunders Grade Trail – Groomed
Wrenshall Grade Trail – Groomed
Trail 0 – Groomed
Trail 28 – Groomed
The Cross Town Connector Trail – Not groomed
Trail 4/41 from Warming Shack West – Groomed
Trail 4 – Groomed (Watch for logging east of Breiztman Lake Road)

*Please note* The Gandy Dancer State Trail will be closed Monday, January 25, and Tuesday, January 26 for maintenance between Moen Road and County Road BB.  The Trail will open again on Wednesday, January 27. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Moen Road and Patzau Foxboro Road can be used as a detour around the closure. 

Closed Trail – Trail 2, Loons Foot Landing to Barker’s Island is temporarily closed.

Douglas County Cross Country Ski Trails
Douglas County CC Ski Trails –  The service roads and parking lots are plowed.  The ski trails were packed on 1/4/21 and touched up on 1/8/21. The trails are in good condition. The trails were packed wide to allow for skate skiing and classic. 
Superior Municipal Forest (Superior) – All trails closed until further notice. The trails have taken a hit as we received rain instead of snow during the last weather event on 1/14. The trails are soft and have thin conditions.  New measurable snow is needed before grooming can start up again. 
After Hours Ski Trail (Brule) – Groomed and tracked as of 1/9. No new update as of 1/15

Enjoy your ride and please ride safe! 

Trail Report – : Ely, Minnesota – January 14, 2021

Ely, MN Chamber of Commerce

Reporter:Ely Chamber of Commerce/Explore MN Visitor Center

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 4-16″

Date of Report: January 14, 2021

Area Report:

GENERAL INFORMATION: The area has not received much for new snow, and the warm weather over the last couple days has caused the snow to settle/disappear a little bit more. However, crews have been able to groom certain parts of the Arrowhead and Taconite a 2nd and 3rd time and were able to do a first groom through the swamp/thin ice sections that were too unstable last week. Portions of trail going through swamps, e.g., Lost Lake swamp on the Arrowhead, are generally smoother and less rocky than upland portions. Please use caution while riding, slow down, and stay to the right.

There is active logging happening on a number of spots throughout the Grant-in-Aid and State Trail system. Please slow down and give trucks and logging equipment space. No Motorized Vehicles other than snowmobiles are allowed on State Trails or Grant-in-Aid snowmobile trails.

Area Trails:: The Tomahawk has been groomed once towards the North shore as there is a little more snow at the North Shore side with more grooming in that area. Mud lake is now staked which completes the Ely Area for stakes. The trail between White Iron Lake and Birch Lake has been groomed. The trail from Birch to Babbitt’s trail has also been groomed. Most lakes have some slush except by the stakes where it is packed and frozen.

Arrowhead State Trail:  The Arrowhead State trail is the backbone to an extensive Grant-in-Aid trail system that travels through remote areas.

TRAIL CONDITIONS:: Snowmobiling: Condition-Poor to Fair Trail – Groomed; Base – 0-2”

The entire Arrowhead State Trail has been groomed and is in poor to fair condition. Much of the trail has been panned only due to rocks and lack of a good base. Novak Rd/Elephant Lake Rd Jct. south to the Orr South GIA trail got its first groom on January 12. Conditions are rough especially south of the Crane Lake Road due to ledge rock outcrops throughout the trail. There is active logging at numerous locations throughout the trail. Please maintain awareness and caution at all times while riding.

Bearhead Lake State Park: Snowmobiling: Condition – Fair; Trails – Groomed; Base 2”

TRAIL CONDITIONS: The Taconite Trail in Bear Head Lake State Park was groomed on December 24 and is in fair condition with some areas of debris under the large pines.

Bearhead State Park trails provide rolling topography through birch and pine stands.  You may see a variety of wildlife ranging from deer, wolves, ruffed grouse, and pine martens.  You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as snowmobiling or skiing.

Lake Vermilion – Soudan Underground Mine State Park: Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor Trails – Not Groomed; Base – 0”

TRAIL CONDITIONS:  Trails have been groomed once and will be groomed again when we get more snow. The park trails are open, but snowmobile travel is not recommended. 

The park has 5 miles of snowmobile trails that connects from the Taconite State Trail to the Lake Vermilion ice trail.  The ride takes you through old growth pines and young aspen forests with large wetland complexes to view along the way.  You can snowshoe anywhere in Minnesota’s state parks and recreation areas, except on trails that are specifically groomed for another activity, such as snowmobiling or skiing.

Putnam/Fishing Lakes – Bear Island State Forest: Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor to Fair; Trails –Partially Groomed; Base 0-1”

The Putnam and Fishing Lakes Trails traverse forested, rolling topography through birch, ash, and pine stands.  Several small lakes dot the landscape along these scenic trails. 

TRAIL CONDITIONS:  The trail remains ungroomed due to impassable swamps (thin ice) and insufficient snow (this trail needs more snow initially due to rocks and topography). Crews are planning on checking ice January 13 and grooming the trail if possible.

Taconite State Trail: Snowmobiling: Condition – Poor to Fair Trails –Groomed; Base 0-2”

Taconite State Trail stretches one hundred sixty-five miles from Grand Rapids to Ely through many scenic vistas of rolling hillsides, lakes, rivers and forest.

TRAIL CONDITIONS: The entire Taconite between Ely and Side Lake has been groomed and is in poor to fair condition. Trail base is thin, so watch for rocks and bumps in uplands and spruce swamps. Rocks are prevalent especially between Hwy 53 and 73 and also between Ely and the Babbitt Spur trail. Lehtinen Creek to the Wolf Track got its first groom January 12, is in fair condition.

Taconite Spur West – Not groomed

Taconite Spur North – Not groomed

Stony Spur East – Not groomed.

News and Reports:

For more information an area trails and events, please visit

Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – January 15, 2021

Reporter:Holly t

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: Thin & crusty frozen in most areas. 1-6 inches

Date of Report: January 15, 2021

Area Report:

January 15  – 7:28am 32 degrees  – High of 34 today – Low tonight of 27

 Trails are in on average Poor to Fair Early Riding Condition
About 1 inch of new SNOW overnight with light SNOW this morning

SNOW will continue through the day with 1-2 more inches forecast.

There is now a thin new SNOW covering the trails. Trails are still in  Early Riding Condition with conditions at Fair to Poor. The new SNOW covers hard frozen ground covered with an ice base in most areas. Crusty frozen snow. Lots of snirt. Choppy conditions. The ROW trails have a bit more snow but everywhere there is plenty of snirt & dirt. Especially at road crossings. 

Did see a groomer in Eagle River early evening last night.  It did not show up on the Groomer Tracking System(GTS).  Possible out doing the required weekly inspection.

Catfish & Eagle have been marked by businesses on the lake. This includes the spur to Eagle Waters. Stay by the markers to be safe.  All are SNOW covered with surface slush reported on both lakes. This happens when temps pop up hard ice underneath.                                         

World Championship Derby weekend starts today!


Holly Tomlanovich
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185 reporting conditions weekly
Eagle River area eventsSno-Eagles club events
Snowtracks Reports

News and Reports:

UPDATE – Sno-Eagles Wednesday & Thursday rides start has been moved forward to
January 20 & 21 SNOW conditions & totals permitting

Be sure to contact Club President, Howard Wolf at 262.442.4876 for more information as to when rides start

  • January 15-17 – World Championship Snowmobile Derby – Derby Track north Hwy 45N – Volunteers needed
  • January 15 – Badger State Winter Games Torchlight Ride
  • January 18 – Military Ride – HQ at the Derby Track north on Hwy 45N
  • January 21 – Sno-Eagles General membership meeting – Live stream – check for information
  • January 29-31 – Women on Snow

To volunteer or for more information on Sno-Eagles activities contact Howard Wolf at 262.442.4876

Snowmobile Information:

Wisconsin Snowmobile Registration
Discount Trail Pass for Snowmobile Club Members – $10 – Time to join a club!
Standard Wisconsin Trail Pass – $30
Out of State Trail Pass – $50
Newly Updated Vilas County Map It Trail App GPS style app of all trails in Vilas Cty.  Plus includes the brown 3 digit emergency numbering system. If an emergency happens call 911 & give them that number.  Find you quicker.
Newly Updated Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) Gives you trails groomed in last 24, 48 & 96 hours
AWSC – Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs
DNR Snowmobiling Helpful Information

Trail Report – : Spooner and Washburn County, Wisconsin – January 14, 2021

Reporter:Washburn County

Trail Conditions: Fair

Snow Cover: 1 – 5″

Date of Report: January 14, 2021

Area Report:

fficial Trail Report: All Washburn County Snowmobile Trails are open at this time. Trail conditions are fair to poor with a 1 to 5 inch snow base. We do have early season type of conditions and some trails may not be groomed yet. Please use caution on lakes as those conditions are not completely safe at this time, the ice conditions vary on each area lake. Clubs are working hard grooming and maintaining trails, so please exercise caution and watch for active trail grooming and trail maintenance. Fingers crossed for a good snowfall to get the trails in great conditions! 

Reported by the Long Lake Chamber of CommerceThe lake was groomed on January 8th from Pioneer south, up Gruenhagen with minimal issues, but as it headed into the narrows going north from Pioneer it ran into a lot of slush. The groomer did not want to risk grooming on unsafe ice. Volunteers will keep a eye on it and keep everyone posted!

Trail Report – : Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin – January 14, 2021


Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: 2-7″

Date of Report: January 14, 2021

Snowmobile Information:

Looks like the snow generator is starting to fire up. The next 72 hours should be interesting. It sounds like the UP Lake effect should start next week too. I went out on a short acclimation run on the Northern Hornshoe groomer yesterday. We ran trail 17 from highway H, down to F, and back. Thin snow, but it was covered. We are on alert to be ready for action tomorrow. It is time for snow. Mark

Trail Report – : Sayner, Wisconsin – January 14, 2021

Reporter:SaynerStar Lake Barnstormers

Trail Conditions: Early Season

Snow Cover: Minimal

Date of Report: January 14, 2021

Area Report:

The snow forecast has been quite a rollercoaster this week.  Early in the week they predicted 2-4″ starting today.  Yesterday, they bumped it up to 3-5″!  Now, this morning, they’ve dropped it down to 1-3″.  Whatever we get is supposed to start this evening and go through tomorrow, maybe even into Saturday.  For now, we can only hope it’s on the high side of their predictions.

Please join us for an amazing breakfast fundraiser at Stillwater’s on Saturday, Jan. 16, from 8 – 11am!  Chuck and Karen offer a terrific breakfast and donate proceeds to the Sayner Star Lake Barnstormers.

  • Logging operations are continuing throughout the northwoods and in many areas where snowmobile trails are located.  Loggers have first priority!  PLEASE be respectful of them and make every attempt to stay out of their way.  DO NOT engage with them.  Loggers have a legal right to close any snowmobile trail where they are working.  They are being cooperative with the clubs and working with us the best they can.  PLEASE do not give them reason to close the trails.
  • There is absolute minimum base on the trail.  Be prepared to encounter many ruts, holes, rocks and little snow for hyfax lubrication.
  • Hintz’s North Star Lodge is currently closed.  Therefore, we have closed the trail leading to their establishment.  If and when they are open for business, we will reopen that trail.  Please respect them by not riding across their property.

Thank you for your patience and support while we await more snow.  Ride RIght and Stay Safe!

News and Reports:

Mark your calendar for these Barnstormer events!