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Trail Report – : Antigo/Langlade County, Wisconsin – December 22, 2022

Trail Conditions: Closed
Snow Cover: 4-6
Date of Report: December 22, 2022
Area Report:

In light of the recent snowfall, the public is excited to utilize the winter recreational trails in Langlade County including the snowmobile trails, cross-country ski trails, snowshoe trails, sled dog trails, and fat tire bike trails.  We have experienced a good number of phone calls related to the snowmobile trail opening.

Below are two photos were taken at the Jack Lake ski trail that demonstrates some of the issue being seen by staff and clubs that operate and manage many of our winter recreational trails.  Although trail opening and use vary across Langlade County with some cross-country ski trails open, some trails remain ungroomed and closed. The sled dog club has seen the same issues in its initial trail preparations.


Snowmobile clubs are working hard to get the trails operational, snow amounts vary across the County and some areas still need time to freeze up before trail groomers can access them.  A reasonable amount of time will be required to remove debris deposited on the trails from the heavy rain and ice accumulation created by the storm and some additional cold weather would also help.

In light of the snowmobile trail opening, we are awaiting a response from clubs relating to trail conditions in relation to opening, and trail opening will be announced when trails are safe and operational as determined by the snowmobile clubs and the Langlade County Snowmobile Council.

 Langlade County appreciates the recreational users of our Trail systems and the businesses that they support. Our clubs and Langlade County will continue to keep all posted on what hopefully will become a great winter recreation season to come.

Al Murray
Langlade County Forestry & Recreation Department