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Trail Report – : Ashland County, Wisconsin – March 15, 2023
Trail Conditions: Excellent
Snow Cover: 6-24" base
Date of Report: March 15, 2023
Area Report:

Snowmobile Report – March 15, 2023
Snow snow and more snow!!  The snow continues in our area!  Trails are the best they have EVER been!!!  Conditions are EXCELLENT!! ….. What else do you have to do?? …. Come and ride with us!!  Groomers in Ashland County continue to be out working on the trails. Slow down, stay right and be prepared for icy corners, hills, intersections and changing snow conditions.  There is still ice underneath this fresh snow and snow drifts in areas so please BE CAREFUL!  Logging continues on Trail 8 from Parker Rd to White Bass Road.  Please use caution and ride safe.  Only 200 feet of trail will be dozed on each side.  Detour has been posted on Trail 12.  Be aware of more traffic in that area due to logging in progress.  Area affectied is by Agenda Rd and Blueberry Rd.  Enjoy your ride and stay safe!

Snowmobile Information:

Please stay on the trail.  A lot of Ashland County snowmobile trails are on farmers land, please be respectful so we don’t lose our easement to their property. Snowmobiles may not be modified, or operated, to amplify or otherwise increase the total vehicle noise above the originally manufactured snowmobile noise level.

As always please follow the snowmobile trail rules and regulations

As always operate with everyone’s safety in mind and report any hazardous trail issues that are observed to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Department (715-682-7023 opt 1) so that it can be forwarded to the appropriate service.

The Tri-County Corridor is open from Superior to Ashland. There are still several areas on the eastern end that require attention but all known hazards have been identified and marked. Use caution when approaching ribbons, barricades, and cones.

Important reminders: There is no snowmobiling allowed from Ashland to Bad River/Odanah as snowmobiling is not permitted on reservation land.  However, snowmobiling is allowed from Bad River east to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

If you would like to receive an Ashland County Snowmobile map, let us know and we will mail one out to you! Call us at 715/682-2500 or email us