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Trail Report: Bayfield County, Wisconsin – February 9, 2017

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 12-18"
Date of Report: February 9, 2017
Area Report:


We had a nice snowstorm earlier this week leaving trails in good condition throughout the County. Groomers are out getting trails in great condition for the weekend. Trails still have icy spots, especially corners, and sparse snow in fields. Trail 13 south out of Washburn, and trail 4 east and west out of Mason are open, but have not been groomed and have minimal snow. Trail 13 north from the Tri-County Corridor is very rough in spots due to plowed fields.


With warmer temperatures forecasted this weekend there is the potential to create wet, sensitive and highly variable trail conditions.  As a result, ATV use has the potential to damage the system and create additional problems when colder temperatures return. To help minimize damage to the snowpack all ATV use is prohibited on the snowmobile trails if the temperatures reach 32 degrees or higher. This includes tracked or wheeled ATVs and UTVs. However, ATV use is still allowed on the Tri-County Corridor and Town Road routes.




The trails in the Port Wing area have shown some improvement with the addition of 3 to 5 inches of snow. Condition vary from fair to good. Logging continues on Trail 1 just east of Port Wing. Please reduce speed and exercise caution in the area being logged. Out of Herbster, Trails 1, part of 19,40 and 41 are all groomed and in good to excellent condition. Trail one from the corridor in Brule north to the Iron River bridge is in great shape and will be groomed again for the weekend.

In the Washburn/Valhalla area we have received approximately 8 inches of snow, more inland and less closer to the lake. The groomer is out and working on the trails trying to get back to a regular schedule. Trails appear to be grooming up well, the snow is a little dry hopefully the warm temps on Saturday will help. remember there is logging north and west of the pub and grub




Iron River area has close to 5″ of new snow. Everything south of Hwy 2, trails 22,24, and 31 have been groomed. Trail 4 from Tri County Corridor to Horstman Rd in Delta area has also been groomed and trees cleared. Everything between Iron River and Port Wing are next and trail 31 to Moquah Spur (63) will be done early Friday (2/10/17) morning.




Barnes: The Barnes area received an additional 3” of snow during the week.  Our groomer operators have been grooming every day this week.  Trails 7, 17, 18, 31N have been groomed.  Trail 31S will be groomed today.  The trails are in good to very good condition.  The grooming will continue through the weekend, please use caution, as equipment will be on the trail system. We are expecting a lot of sleds on the trails this weekend, including club rides, please ride safe and respect all snowmobilers on the trails and also respect for our landowners.


Drummond: Drummond received 3 to 4″ of new snow this week and all trails have been groomed and grooming will continue through the weekend. Trail 4 to Sanborn is not being groomed nor will it until we get more snow. Groomer has been out running a regular schedule. The Lake Owen trail *63S* to Cable is icy on the hills and in the corners; however the rest of the trail is snow covered and in fair to good condition with a 3 to 4″ ice base and new snow of about 4~5 inches. Trail 7 & 61 & 6 to the Barnes area is in good condition, however there is ice in the corners, 3 to 4″ ice base new snow is about 4~5 inches. Trail 63N is good to Sweden Road – road bed is fair with bare spots. Grandview North is in fair to poor condition with open fields marginal, to bare, due to drifting; and only about 3 inches new snow to Mason, however they are groomed. Trail 4 to Sanborn is also marginal to bare conditions due to drifting in the fields, and is not able to be groomed due to the lack of snow in the area at this time. Please respect private land owners and stay on the trails, also use caution as equipment is out at varying times of the day have fun stay safe.


Namakagon: Trail conditions have improved to overall Good condition with the new Snow! Groomers will be out this afternoon (2/9/17) and throughout the weekend. Again we will probably be working with icy corners and hills for the balance of the season. With the warm weather coming please tread lightly! Whenever riding please expect the groomer over the next hill or around the next corner day or night! Ride responsibly, be Safe and Have Fun!



Timber Sale Activity:

Trail 1 – South of Cornucopia – off Stage Rd. a sale has gone active on this section of trail so watch for caution signs and logging equipment.

Trail 31 – South of Barnes – A one mile section of Trail 31 South that has been plowed to allow the road to freeze down for a future logging job, but it is still passable.