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Trail Report – : Bayfield County, Wisconsin – January 20, 2021

Trail Conditions: Fair
Snow Cover: 2-12 inches
Date of Report: January 20, 2021
Area Report:


Snow base (in inches):  2-12 inches

Status (Closed, Open, Partially Open): Open

Condition (Poor, Fair, Good, Excellent): Fair to Poor


Not a lot of change from last week. Trails remain in rideabe but fair to poor condition. Not a lot of snow in the forecast but let’s hope that changes.


The same trouble spots still remain:

  • The Grand View and Mason areas didn’t receive much snow and sled traffic could damage farm fields. Please use caution.
  • Trail 1 along the South shore is rough but passable.
  • Trail 1 to Bayfield and Legendary Waters Casino are currently closed. The trail into the City of Bayfield will not open this year, but we’re hopeful for next year. The trail to the Casino is currently being worked on and will provide an update when it opens.


Namakagon Trail Groomers: All Namakagon/Cable area trails have been groomed as of 1/19 (Tuesday) and are in fair condition. We plan on grooming the whole system again on Friday.


Barnes Barnestormers: All of the Barnestormers trails have been groomed this week. I would consider them to be in poor but rideable condition. Trails 7-17 around town have seen the most traffic with bare spots on corners and hills. Trail 17 is poor by town and gets better as you head north. Trail 18 is in very good condition. Trail 31 north is poor. Trail 7-31 south is poor, with a section of 2 miles plowed (logging) just south of 43 road.


Drummond SnoJacks: Drummond groomer is back in service as of last Saturday. All trails have been groomed and reported to be in fair condition with more snow needed to improve the base. Groomer will be out again on all trails before this weekend.


Washburn Valhallers: We are grooming Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.  Trails around Valhalla have a firm thin base with very few bare spots; rideable.  We still have exposed rocks on trail #63 toward Moquah but rideable with caution.  Trail #13 between Washburn and Valhalla will be groomed today (1/20); expected to be firm and thinner toward town but rideable.  Trail #13 between Washburn and Ashland is very thin; rideable but thin with bare spots


South Shore– Port Wing, Herbster & Cornucopia: Trail 1 along the lake needs snow and is in poor condition. Trail 40, 41 and the Wally Polk trail will be groomed Wednesday and Thursday and should be in good shape!


WAINO – Waino Riders groomed the south end of Trail 1 and were planning on going to Tar Paper Alley in a day or so. Harper’s road from the alley has been plowed for logging and we need more snow before we go North from there.