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Trail Report – : Bayfield County, Wisconsin – January 3, 2020

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 10-18 inches packed
Date of Report: January 3, 2020
Area Report:

The majority of trails in Bayfield County are in great condition! The late December rain and warmer temps are still affecting some sections of trail and riders should exercise caution when riding wet sections of trail.


Namakagon Trail Groomers: – We received around 4″ of fresh snow. Trails have a 10-12″ base. All trails were groomed on Tues & Wed (Dec. 31st and Jan 1st) with the exception of the marshes again. We have some standing water but sleds are getting through.


Barnes Barnestormers: We will have all our trails groomed by noon Friday with the exception of 31 south of Mulligan Creek Road. (We won’t go down there till there is more cold weather as there are some water holes on that section of trail) Our trails have a good base and are grooming out nicely, with no problem areas to speak of.


Gordon (Southwest corner of the county): Trail 17 south of Lower Eau Claire Lake to Highway 27 is closed due to open water. The rain and warm weather have not done us any good.


Drummond SnoJacks: All trails have been groomed with the exception of Trail 4 from Mason to Sanborn. That trail will be groomed tonight (1/2/2019) once the accumulated ice has thawed off of the drag. Trail 63 through the Bibon Swamp is passable but not groomed. The groomer driver reports no impassable areas but all trails have wet spots so use caution. The Trail 63 south detour is still in effect until conditions improve on Lake Owen.


Frosty’s Vintage Riders: Groomer made it down Trail 4 as far as Frostys, good conditions. Frostys to mason ridable but water in many areas, ride with extreme caution. Trails 22,24 and 31 were groomed Monday and 17 miles of corridor groomed Tuesday, all reported to be in excellent condition. Trails 31, 3, and 66 to Port Wing is planned for grooming Friday.


Washburn Valhallers: We attempted to groom to Ashland yesterday (Jan 2nd) but were sinking in some areas more than we could groom.  Trail to Ashland is still rideable other than a 1-block section which is about 2-feet deep with water.  There is a ditch go around for now.  We will let things firm up and try to get out from Washburn to Valhalla area starting Monday. Out of Valhalla Trail 51 was groomed from Pub n Grub to Mountain road and is in excellent condition. Trails 63, 33 and 31 from the Corridor to Pub n Grub are also very good with 1 wet spot around Birch Grove Campground. Trails 19 and 41 to the Casino will be groomed on January 2nd.


South Shore (Port Wing, Herbster, Cornucopia): Groomed Trail 1 from Herbster to 51 and into Corny. still many wet spots but very good condition. Trail 41 and a section of 40 to Lenawee Rd is done also and very good. Still need brushing help on all sections though


WAINO (northwest corner of the county): Trail 1 from Jacks Hungry Trout Inn to State Hwy 13 was groomed yesterday January 1st. The trail is passable but use caution there are high water areas. After the high water areas have time to freeze the trail will be in good shape. Groomed Trail 1 from Douglas county to highway 13 on Jan. 1st and is in good shape with a few wet areas that I’m sure have since froze. The Trask creek crossing was temporarily routed around the culvert and on to the road because of open water but that should be good to cross for the weekend.