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Trail Report: Conover, Wisconsin – February 25, 2017

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 11" in undisturbed areas
Date of Report: February 25, 2017
Area Report:

 As of 8 AM today, I had 6 to  6 1/2″ of new snow on my desk. 11″ in the front yard. Light waves of LES are still happening.

Virtually all trails/base were gone by last weekend. Vilas trails are technically open and I’ll give conditions an EARLY SEASON rating after the “non event” storm. Lakes were basically just ice with some water on top by Tuesday, now they have snow/slush. As I type, I am not sure if lakes are still marked or not. Do not travel lakes if not marked. Top soil was soft but has firmed up – at least to foot traffic. I did see some tracks east of town by Muskrat Creek and on trail 17 by Indian Rd (SW of Phelps).

I’m sure anyone reading this post is a fan of winter sports & snowmobiling in particular. I understand that weather forecasting is not an exact science but all the TV news has been talking about is how the world nearly ended. Also, in case you weren’t aware, road speed limits are for dry conditions, you should slow down on snow. Seems your tires don’t have as much traction. 

Groomers have not been out yet, not sure when they roll..

News and Reports:

It crossed my mind that for those of you that have never snowmobiled in Vilas or surrounding, it is unlike areas further south. We really have nearly zero farm field crossings. Most riding is in the woods, some trails are on old rail grades & there are lots of lake crossings. But, be prepared to travel a distance to the next stop, especially along the northern portions of the county. Food is hard to find on Tuesdays, carry a snack.

Please stay on the trails; Trespassing is the fastest way to loose trails. Don’t forget you need a WI trail permit to ride the state’s groomed trail system. Aggressive riding causes more trail damage than slower, less aggressive riding. Ride right & be safe.