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Trail Report: Conover, Wisconsin – January 8, 2017

Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: 8"-9" in the woods
Date of Report: January 8, 2017
Area Report:

Groomers are out tonight as I type.

Today I rode Conover to Phelps via the lake, Land O via Lac Vieux Dessert then 6W to 13S. Trails were basically good with a few fair areas, especially considering the minimal new snow we have received. Traffic was nearly non-existent, I passed 6 sleds and 12 deer on the trails. I’m sure the cold had something to do with that. Forecast has 4 to 6 inches of new snow between tonight & Tuesday. Lets hope it isn’t another non-event weather system. Trails should hold up well with the cold & low traffic levels.

Until we get some new snow, expect to see a bit of gravel poking thru on forest road trails & some bare pavement on road routes. Watch your wear bars a bit more than usual.

Twin Haven via the new trail; Trail is nice except for the last 3/4 mile where it turns off the grade. This section has now been groomed & is much better but still has new trail bumps.. For those running along the power lines N from North Twin boat ramp, you now have a stop sign at the grade, E/W traffic has the right of way.

The lakes are marked and pretty smooth now..

News and Reports:

Don’t forget you need a WI trail permit to ride the state’s groomed trail system. Aggressive riding causes more trail damage than slower, less aggressive riding. Until the base gets built up & we get more snow to work with, groomers can only do so much to repair damage.