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Trail Report: Crivitz, Wisconsin – February 24, 2017

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 3 - 5 inches
Date of Report: February 24, 2017
Area Report:

Gates are being reopened as you are reading this!  We received 3 to 5 inches of new heavy wet snow.  More coming tonight and into tomorrow.  The trail will be in early season riding condition.  The groomers are attempting to go out and pack this snow.  Once they get out there, we will have to see how it goes as to weather they can groom the whole trail. 

Please, proceed with CAUTION.  There is standing water on the trail due to the lengthy warm temps.  Some of these so called puddles may be quite deep!  Also, WATERWAYS ARE NOT SAFE!  Do NOT go on any lakes or flowages. 

I will be so happy to ride my snowmobile again…but do not expect anything great…

News and Reports:

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