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Trail Report – : Eagle River, Wisconsin – March 9, 2019

Reporter:Holly t
Trail Conditions: Good
Snow Cover: Deep deep snow over the hard ice base - Softer
Date of Report: March 9, 2019
Area Report:

On average GOOD with VERY GOOD 

March 9 2019 6:36am  – 15  – High 35

Warm temps & sunny yesterday have dropped the SNOW levels but there is still plenty of SNOW.  Also SNOW has softened up especially in the open areas.  Temps up again today & cloudy.  Tonight new SNOW moving in.  Forecast is for 3 to 5 inches of SNOW. With maybe an inch more on Sunday.  Forecast cloudy now until Tuesday.  Temps high during the day & moving to cold over night Sunday through Tuesday.

As for trail conditions. Trails are filled with plenty of SNOW.  Not any “fighting” your sled when riding.  Corners are in many sections piled high with loose SNOW. Have not seen iciness at the bottom of the corners but with the sun probably are some.  Icy conditions on sections of the road trails.  SNOW has softened up. With the temps up & the heavy amount of sand, salt & brine on the trails the crossing are soft & there is water on the actual roads as you cross.  Have not seen snirt beyond that.

All in all it’s really GOOD to VERY GOOD riding out there.  If you are riding sure you noticed that Trail 17N is sitting very high up.  Same with sections of 10E.  Please read the important updates for more info.  As of yesterday even with the sun mush at the crossings was minimal.   Please stay on your side of the trail.

Grooming again last night. The gts.groomertrackingsystem shows most trails groomed.  Here are the trails NOT groomed:

10E to include Chanticleer Inn & 9 mile trails
Grampa Graham trail aka 1S
Uncle Kent’s trails

Everything else groomed.

These important updates continue:

There is 1 logging operations going on where there is a need to use parts of the trails. Trail 13N by Deep Lake Rd. Plus utility work on 7 near Sugar Camp on the high line.

The snowbanks at driveway crossing & road crossings are still high. Road crews are still out winging road banks.  Expect some blocked road & driveway crossings.  Please stop & cross with caution.

Still seeing some signs buried in the deep SNOW.  

EAGLE LAKE TRAIL & CATFISH LAKE TRAIL ARE MARKED & OPEN. Lakes are drifted & lots & lots of slush under the SNOW especially on Catfish Lake.  Drifting on Eagle Lake is much worse than on Catfish Lake.

The 2 one-way trail areas are 10E from the ERRA Sports Arena all the way out to Nicolet Mini Mart.  The other is the 13’s up near Buckatabon Bridge & Bauer’s Dam area.  Please be aware that for now signs will be buried in many locations.  PLEASE BE SURE TO CHECK A MAP SO YOU KNOW THE LOCATION OF THESE TRAILS.

Get out & ride it is great out there!

Holly Tomlanovich
Phone Trail Updates 715.479.5185
Sno-Eagles Snowmobile Club

News and Reports:

Wednesday & Thursday – Trail Rides – Meet at the Historic Railroad Depot on “the grade” Trail 13/3 at 9am.  Contact Club Pres., Howard Wolf 262.442.4876
Saturday & Sunday, March 9 & 10 – USSA Series Snowmobile Race – World Championship Derby Complex
Thursday, March 21 – General Member meeting – 6:30pm gathering with 7pm meeting – Eagle Waters Resort
Friday-Sunday – March 22-24 – AWSC Convention – Green Bay, WI
Saturday, March 30 -SNO(Saturday Night Out) – Pike’s Pine Isle – 5:30pm gathering with 6pm dinner – 1261 Pine Isle Rd, Three Lakes

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