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Trail Report – : Ely, Minnesota – January 25, 2024

Ely, MN Chamber of Commerce

Reporter:Ely Chamber of Commerce/Explore MN Visitor Center
Trail Conditions: No Snow
Snow Cover: 0
Date of Report: January 25, 2024
Area Report:

Ely Area Trail Conditions

January 25, 2024


Taconite State Trail, Arrowhead State Trail, Putnam/Fishing Lakes Trails, and Lake Vermilion Soudan Underground Mine State Park Tails:    Low snow conditions persist throughout our trail system from Ely to Side Lake to International Falls. Some bits of trail have been groomed and/or rolled, and all the swamps that need to be packed to allow ice to freeze thicker have been packed. However, snow depth remains too thin for wholesale grooming, and uplands and swamps remain rough with few exceptions. Until we get substantial additional snow to improve the base and cover the rocks, hummocks, and holes, full-on trail grooming will not begin. If you are riding the trails, be cautious and alert for rocks, holes, and generally rough trail conditions.

Snow: 0 inches with a base of 0 inches. Groomed: No Condition: Poor

Babbitt Golf Course Trail: The course trail has been groomed and is relatively good with occasional drifting.

Babbitt Birch Lake Plantation:  The trails have not been groomed, as there is not enough snow base to allow for grooming.

Bear Head Lake State Park:  Track was set on January 25th with fair conditions due to the light and fluffy conditions of the snow. The track was set in the campground loops, the Beach Trail, and the trail from the Trail Center to the Ranger Station. Significantly more snowfall is needed to groom the Norberg Trail.

REMINDER: It is unlawful to walk, snowshoe, have pets, or destroy any part of the groomed ski trails in any manner.

Snowshoers are welcome to explore anywhere besides the groomed ski trails. Snowshoers have been enjoying Becky Lake and Blueberry Lake Loops.

Skiing Base: 1-3 inches. Conditions: Fair Groomed: Partially

Snowmobiling conditions: Closed. Groomed: No.  Base: 1-3 inches


Along with the DNR trail conditions website, continue to monitor these clubs’ websites ( & for the most current Arrowhead State Trail conditions.