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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 2, 2019

Trail Conditions: Unknown
Snow Cover: 8 to 12 inches
Date of Report: December 2, 2019
Area Report:

Hello Riders!

Just a friendly note to clarify any confusion:

Sawyer County snow trails (county land trails) have NO open or close date (this may change in the future), but as of now they do not close and always remain open, however private land trails do have gates and they are not open yet nor is there a target date on that as the land owners and clubs work together checking conditions. Lakes are also not safe or staked so they are not open. Again county land trails are open but there is rifle hunting through tomorrow and muzzle loader through Dec 15th so if riding on county land please ride with caution as there are hunters.

Chequamegon Forest is not open, the Forestry decides when to open and close that area and there is no open date decided yet, just like all the clubs and trail captains they check trails and conditions many times a week as conditions continue they will give a better target date, it is not time yet, while there is a lot of snow the ground is not firm and the swamps are not froze so even if you ride an open county trail you will want to map out your ride ahead of time so that you don’t run into a dead end as you can run into private land and/or lakes or swamps that you can not ride across. Again, we can not stress enough, DO NOT go around a closed gate onto private property, this WILL shut a trail down and that can effect a large trail system, we have had some reports of it happening, do not do it. There was a bit of mis-information that trails open December 1st, again this is not true as the county trails are open now, the private lands will continue to audit the conditions with the clubs. Private property trails will work with clubs and decide when to open their trails, there is no date for that at this time.

These reports are an accumulation of reports from the appointed county trail coordinator, all clubs, Alliance members, office holders for both, trail captains, groomers/brushers/trail maintenance volunteers, equipment managers, Forestry personal and DNR wardens, all who spend a lot of time on the trails and checking conditions and creating the system we have, we are so lucky they all report to this location first so for the most up to date reports visit us here. If you find any reports confusing, misleading or lacking info please feel free to send us a private message inquiring and we will research and clarify, with too many comments on inquiries there can be conflicting and incorrect information. We want our page to be informative, correct and promote and advocate the fun, safety and positivety of these sports. With that said please share your pictures of your riding adventures, scenery, wildlife and more!