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Trail Report – : Hayward / Sawyer County, Wisconsin – December 22, 2021

Trail Conditions: Early Season
Snow Cover: 6-9 inches of snow
Date of Report: December 22, 2021
Area Report:
Hello Riders! As you have seen on a previous post we are getting some snow. Approximately 5-7″ has fallen today (on top of the approximately existing 1-3″), it is still snowing but has lightened up. Our temps have been cold for about 5 days and our lakes are making some good ice. The snow is light and fluffy snow, while we love wet and heavy snow we are happy it is not those conditions right now while trying to make ice. Our temp tonight drops to about -4 and continues to say in the teens at night and mid 20’s during the day, these are great temps for making ice and snow! Friday does have a forecast into the 30’s but that is not worrisome. If we continue with cool temps the next few days to freeze the lakes and then a little wet sleet on top of the existing snow on Friday that may be a blessing to help freeze the current snow in place to create a good base. Saturday-Monday calls for some snow, two of the days about an inch and one day about 3″. We will take it, it all adds up!
The clubs will continue to check lakes and swamps. Please remember much more goes into the trails being ready then just grooming. Many trails, both private and public land lead to lakes and swamps that are not safe yet and dead end you, therefore private property gates will not open until they lead to safe areas. As for the trails that are on county land and any that are on private land that do not lead to wetlands the groomers will go out when they feel the snow is frozen and hardened so they do not do damage to the existing snow with the heavy equipment. This new fresh snow is great to see but it needs to set up and freeze before riders are on it for it to stick and last. So in the meantime we will continue to enjoy the fresh Christmas snow and low temps as they set up for a great season! It’s so close! We will continue to update when any groomers plan to go out and any lakes are safe and scheduled to be staked!